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A Conversation With Elias Soriano
by Samuel Barker
December 6, 2000

Elias Soriano
Elias Soriano

Samuel Barker: First off, what is your name and what do you do?

Elias Soriano: My name is Elias. I'm the vocalist for Nonpoint

Samuel: Alright man, I heard you guys say you were from Florida?

Elias: Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Born in Passaic, but the entire band's roots are from Florida, we all were raised there.

Samuel: How long have you guys been together and touring?

Elias: We've been on tour for about 4 months, the band has been together for about 3 years. We've been together since about late '98.

Samuel: Coming from Fort Lauderdale, are there a lot of bands you enjoy playing with from there? Is there a good local scene?

Elias: The scene is doing pretty good. A lot of heavy hitters out of Florida just got signed, we were the first. It's a pretty good scene down there, the kids go nuts.

Samuel: Who were some of your major influences when you were starting out to get the sound?

Elias: We all have a lot of separate influences. My drummer comes from a more metal/hardcore background. My bass player is from the straight edge hardcore, Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, stuff like that. My guitar player is really into Stevie Ray Vaughn and blues and a lot of industrial stuff like Nine Inch Nails. Me personally, I grew up on a lot of R&B, a lot of rap. I'm into that smooth, soulful sound.

Samuel: You can tell, for being such a hard edged band, there is a distinct flow to it. It all just kinda ran together, not too many "bumps in the road" shall we say.

Elias: We really feel like when you deal with the flow of the music and try to keep it as dynamic as possible. We have that dynamic of melodic. There's a difference between melodic and heavy. When we put that much dynamics into the music it makes the heavy heavier, and having that "bring down" when we control the audience and give them a show, a feeling that there's a beginning, a climax, and a resolution at our shows.

Samuel: You guys are on MCA right?

Elias: Yes.

Samuel: Has It been cool working with those guys?

Elias: Oh man, it's amazing. All our reps, our onstage help, our retailers, our press guy, they're all doing an awesome job. MCA is a very family oriented label and they take care of everyone.

Samuel: How much longer do you guys have on tour?

Elias: We're gonna finish up the Kittie tour, then we're going home for the holidays. Then after the holidays we're gonna head out on the big beginning of the year tours.

Samuel: Well, I'll let you go, anything you'd like to add?

Elias: The single is "What A Day", the album is "Statement" it came out October 10th, if anyone wants to go out and grab it, they're more than welcome to. We're just happy people are taking in our music and finding a common ground with it.

Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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