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A Conversation With
Aaron Barrett
Of Reel Big Fish

Meredith Goldberg
July 19, 2001


Meredith: OK, so how's the tour going so far?

Aaron: It's so great. It's wonderful. I'm so happy every day because of the wonderfulness.

Meredith: So when is the new album going to be coming out?

Aaron: If you were in the future, it would already be out. If you were in the past, you wouldn't know about it because you would still be waiting for the 2nd one. But being that we are in the present, hopefully 2002.

Meredith: What was it like on your last tour when you were just singing and you weren't playing guitar?

Aaron: That was the most fun thing that ever happened in my life. Other than breaking my ankle and pulling all the ligaments in my knee, I had the best time of my life. I hate playing guitar, I never wanted to play guitar..except in the beginning.

Meredith: Then why don't you just get a new guitarist?

Aaron: Because I can never find anybody!

Meredith: What about the person who played guitar for you on the last tour?

Aaron: -He's got his own band. He's busy...But that was so fun, I've always wanted to be a singer, just like Michael Jackson.

Meredith: Interesting..Out of all of the bands that you guys have toured with, who was your favorite?

Aaron: .... I liked the Aquabats a lot. I like Zebrahead, They're great guys.

Meredith: Cool, So where's your favorite place to play?

Aaron: New York City!!..hhmm..

--Dan(trombone) enters--

Dan-I ain't afraid of no ghosts!..Hey..(to Aaron) Did you hear what I yelled out during the break of, I think it was "Sellout"..or..No, it was "She Has a Girlfriend Now", "We ain't afraid of no ghosts!"

Aaron: You're a Fuzzy Mutha Fucka! (To Dan who is leaving)

--Dan leaves--

Aaron: OK, favorite place to play.. I like to play anywhere there are a lot of people watching. Sometimes at really shitty places, you have good shows and sometimes at really good places you have really shitty shows. I don't have a most favorite place.

Meredith: What are your favorite songs to play live?

Aaron: When I don't have to play guitar and I just have to be the singer, they're all my favorite. But when I have to play guitar, I like to play "Kiss Me Deadly".

Meredith: Do you think that ska will ever go all mainstream/MTV again?

Aaron: Not in my lifetime! Maybe when I'm older, then I can make a comeback (laughs)

Meredith: What was it like being in the movie "Baseketball"? Was it the coolest thing ever?

Aaron: It was..The coolest thing ever! It was amazing, we had a good time

Meredith: What's the story behind the song "She's Famous Now"?

Aaron: I made it up!

Meredith: What do you think about Napster and all that free music on the internet?

Aaron: I love it. I want people to download our songs, as long as they have our music. We don't get money from CD's, the record company does. We get money from people coming to shows and if they hear our music, then they'll come to our shows..Get it? Got it? Good!

Meredith: After you guys play a show, do you like to just go to sleep and are exhausted, or are you still wide awake and ready to party?

Aaron: I don't see how bands get tired after they play, because they sit around all day long. I slept till 12 noon, hung out, walked around, nothing until 9:45, played for an hour and a half. I'm not tired. Anyone that says that they are tired after they play-They're a fucking sissy!.. Im excited after I play. I'm just in a bad mood today. You guys are pissing me off! No! Just kidding!

Meredith: yeah, yeah.. Any advice for bands just starting out?

Aaron: Write only good songs and also play everywhere you can, all the time, and you've got to advertise, flyers, stickers.

Meredith: Is there one thing that you'd like your fans to remember you by when you are all no longer a band?

Aaron: How funny and fun and how silly and wacky and what nice people we were (laughs)

Meredith: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Aaron: Go to our website, Reel-Big-Fish.com!

Meredith Goldberg is a staff editor. Contact her at meredith@rockzone.com.

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