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Photograph by: Pete Starman
A Conversation With The Blood Brothers
by Veronica & Nigel Hutchings

Rockzone.com: In the prep for this interview I found comparisons of you to Rancid and Dead Kennedys. Does it bother you???

The Blood Brothers: That's hilarious, I don't know how they came to that conclusion but I loved Rancid back when I was 16.

RZ: The transition from This Adultery is Ripe to March on Electric Children was huge. How does March compare to Burn Piano Island Burn?

TBB: I think that one of the big differences is that we are getting older and as I get older I want different things out of music that I listen to and that I play and that is reflective of each record we make. For Burn Piano Island Burn we had to give ourselves permission to make some of those songs; I think that we can put ourselves in a little genre box as much as other people can

RZ: The artwork on Burn and The website is very Monty Pythonish. Who's idea was it and are you enjoying it???

TBB: Well the art work on the site is the same as the album so I guess it's the ideas of our friends Jeager and Dan, I think it's funny to see the reaction of people who have to figure something out and cant.

RZ: Does it irritate or challenge you or just roll off that people keep trying to slot you into a particular genre?? I mean, I read that you were post modern, transitional, non EMO, punk, modern, hardcore etc band and it frustrated me just reading it!!!

TBB: It can be frustrating, I don't know what those genres really mean and I don't think they do either. People called Nirvana grunge and I'm sure they were like "What's grunge?" Like us, they didn't start their band out saying 'we are a grunge band' and we didn't start calling ourselves hardcore or whatever, but we decide that we are screamy jazz fusion just so you know.

RZ: Is it the message or the sound that counts the most?? Does one ever get in the way of the other???

TBB: Isn't someones' message part of their sound; for certain Rage Against the Machine was thought of as having aggressive music with political overtones. For me there isn't a reason to separate the two.

RZ: What stands out as the best show / worst show??

TBB: There are some places that we enjoy more than others but how fun the show is depends really on us, sometimes were cranky.

RZ: Did you enjoy the UK tour even though the houses were reported to be small???

TBB: We like small shows, it can be hard to talk to people at some bigger shows and we don't like a lot of separation between us and the people who enjoy us.

RZ: Why did you choose "Under Pressure" to do as a cover???

TBB: I really like the bass line and it's a duet and since were always in duet mode it just worked.

RZ: Having lived in the area I have my own opinions, but what is it about the area that you think bring so much original music out of the Seattle area???

TBB: Rain and Coffee; no one goes outside but to get coffee and then they're inside high on caffeine so they must be creative.

RZ: What's next on the agenda for the band??

TBB: We have one more tour in the states with a band from Omaha called Cursive, and then we are going to write our next record and find a new label to put it out.

RZ: What is the one thing you haven't ever been asked that we should know about???

TBB: Yes. I'm single.

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