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A Conversation With Joey Duenas
Samuel Barker
November 2, 2001


Samuel Barker: Alright, to start with, what is your name and what do you do?

Joey Duanes: My name is Joey. I'm the singer from Unloco.

Samuel: Who are the other members of the band?

Joey: Brian Arthur plays guitars, Victor Escareno plays bass, and Peter Navarrete plays drums.

Samuel: How long have you guys been together now?

Joey: We've been together for 3 and a half....four years now.

Samuel: I heard you say that you guys were from Austin. Is there a good hard rock scene there?

Joey: There is a great hard rock scene there. Austin has it's own little vibe. It's got its college bands, it's rock bands, and everyone is like one big revolving family. Everybody knows everybody. I think it's got an excellent metal scene. Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, altogether, collectively all have a great scene. If you look at the track record, San Antonio is Union Underground; Dallas is Drowning Pool, and us out of Austin.

Samuel: Houston needs something.

Joey: Yeah, Houston does.

Samuel: Who are some of the local bands in Austin that you guys play with a lot?

Joey: There are bands like Rubberhead, He Killed Three, Root 21, those are just some of the metal bands, and we also play with some of the punk bands like Dynamite Boy, a collective base of bands.

Samuel: So most of the shows cross genres, nothing like 'this is a punk show and this is a metal show'?

Joey: No, not at all. We've done shows with everybody. The guy that would book us at our home club, the Backroom, would alternate bands and be like 'who hasn't played with these guys' and it put up some really great shows. It's not just a metal show, there's a lot to see for everyone.

Samuel: I heard you say that you guys have a record out, what label is it on?

Joey: We have a record out on Maverick records called Healing. It's on Madonna's record label....yeah.

Samuel: Stupid question, has Madonna ever come into contact with you guys?

Joey: Actually we saw her around the office, but never met her. You know, what do you say. I can go to the guys from Switched and be like 'what's up?' but what do you say to Madonna? It's not like meeting a bud, it's an icon.

Samuel: What dates are you guys doing on this tour?

Joey: We're playing the Texas dates. We just finished a three-month tour with Darwin's Waiting Room and Simon Sez, and we've had about a month off. We've done some sporadic stuff with Union Underground and done some club dates. We're about to go in and start another record. Our cycle is over. Bands go through cycles and once they're over, they've over, and ours is over. It was a great record, but it was marketed the wrong way. We went out there and bled as much as we could all over the US. I think a lot of the blame doesn't go on the band, we worked our asses off. We'll play to 10 people a night, whatever. We were on bills where no other bands had a record out, so we were pulling all the weight. We have new A&R now, getting a new manager; it'll be a new beginning.

Samuel: Are you guys still on Maverick?

Joey: Yeah, we're working with Berko, who used to be giant. His big project was working on the Disturbed album. The album has been out for a while now, and we have a video on M2.

Samuel: Is it weird seeing yourself in a music video?

Joey: I don't have M2. I don't have cable. I got 3 channels on my TV.

Samuel: Well, what's a good show story?

Joey: Well, coming back to Fitzgerald's, we've played here a lot. We were on tour with Downset, and the next show was in San Antonio, which is where we're playing tomorrow. Well, in San Antonio, Factory 81 was on stage and our guitar player, Brian, went out and decided he would start stage diving. The security guys all wrestling him off stage until someone is like 'oh, he's with a band, don't mess with him, let him do whatever.' So Brian thinks he has a free pass to do whatever he wants so he starts pulling kids up on the stage to let them stage dive and security starts going nuts and throwing the kids back into the crowd, so Brian gets pissed and throws a security guard into the crowd. Then all the security started to rush Brian and he's throwing the all into the crowd until someone finally tackles Brian. So then I tackle a security guard and all this is going on while Factory 81 is playing. And they're dragging him by his feet off the stage and I'm on top of the security guard and they're trying to throw us out. Something always happens at Sunset Station.

Samuel: Well, you get to head back there tomorrow; we'll see what's new.

Joey: Last time, Buckcherry threw my brother out. Shit always happens.

Samuel: Do you guys have a website or anything?

Joey: Yeah, www.maverick.com/unloco. It's a great website, I love it.

Samuel: Awesome. Anything you'd like to add?

Joey: Drink more beer, stay in school, and if you get a chance, buy our record.

Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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