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A Conversation With Dave Weston
by Samuel Barker
November 4, 2000

Despite a terrible weather, car problems, and heavy traffic, Weston made it out to Houston to put on a great show. We were supposed to meet them at sound check, but due to the above mentioned conditions we were forced to wait until after the show to do the interview. I was impressed with the way the guys from Weston were able to basically get out of their van, carry their stuff up the stairs to Fitzgerald's and put on a hell of a show with no rest in between.

Dave Weston
Dave Weston

Samuel Barker: Let's start out with the introduction, what is your name and what do you do?

Dave: My name is Dave, I play the guitar and I sing occassionally.

Samuel: So you guys had a rough day getting here.

Dave: Yeah, we had some van troubles and traffic was insane but we made it here in one piece....it was raining too, it was crazy.

Samuel: Did you guys enjoy your stop in Dallas yesterday?

Dave: Yeah, Dallas is okay, but I like Houston better.

Samuel:(giving thumbs up to that)Alright, on to the new album. Was it interesting or fun doing the new album with little to no retakes and basically doing a live album in the studio?

Dave: Yeah, essentially it was a live album done in the studio. There were some overdubs done on there, but we pretty much just went for it. We did it around Christmas of last year, so the recording is nearly a year old. We recorded it in our hometown, we did it all ourselves there was no one getting in the way and kicking us around, we just went for it and had a great time doing it.

Samuel: I saw you guys in '96 and the style was little different than it is now. You've guys added a keyboard player, which I love because it adds more substance to the music. Were you guys looking to move in another direction?

Dave: You know what, man? It's one of those things where you don't really know how conscious it was to be honest with you. When we put Got Beat Up out, we put an album out after that called Matinee, and it didn't get as much of a push as Got Beat Up and we did an album after that that only got released in Japan, so a lot of people didn't get to see the "growth" from there to now. I don't think it was anything that was premeditated we just sorta went with it. We're all getting older and listening to all different kinds of music, I'm sure that trickles into our writing.

Samuel: So it's more of a maturing and evolving rather than conscious effort?

Dave: Yeah, a lot of people will call it maturing and maybe in a lot of ways it is maturing, but deep down we're always gonna be who we are. But at the same time parts of you are going to grow and change. It's not saying that you don't like what you did before it's just showing that you're growing or changing in a different way.

Samuel: It's also nice to accept the new rather than do the same thing over and over.

Dave: Yeah, it's weird you get what you can lump basically into 2 different types of fans, people either A) want you to stay the way you were your entire career or B) people who embrace change and stick with you...of course there's always C) people who could care less. But it's been real cool, people have been real supportive of the direction we're going, but you're not going to please everybody, there have been people who would rather hear the old stuff and hear us write stuff like that, that we did years ago. But, like I said we're getting older and changing pretty naturally.

Samuel: Would you say has been pretty positive, I saw tonight that everyone was having fun with it, so has that been the general concensus or has it been some towns are pissed about it and others are into it.

Dave: Yeah, some towns have been kinda weird, but more people bitch and moan on these web boards. With the whole internet thing now, people can slag you in the comfort of their own home instead of to your face.

Samuel: Well, I know from some of the website we deal with that it becomes a contest by the end to see who can write the biggest diss rather than expressing a valid opinion. It's more like "This guy said this, so I'm gonna try to kick it a notch further."

Dave: Sure, you're gonna have that. A lot of people have too much time on their hands.

Samuel: So have you guys been on tour very long?

Dave: Well, with this record we've done a tour of the midtown which was awesome, now we're on tour with the Blue Meanies which is awesome too. Then we're going to take a short break and head out on the road with Samiam which should be great we're all pretty big Samiam fans so it should be great to hang out with them on tour.

Samuel: So you guys from up near PA?

Dave: Yeah

Samuel: Are there any local bands there you guys really love to play with?

Dave: Well to be honest with you we really don't play locally too much, maybe like a couple times a year. But some local bands I'm friends with and into are The Tumblers, they're total pop. The funny thing is we haven't been home in a while so there may be some new bands popping up but over the years there have been some good bands, like the original CIV, they've done pretty well. There's a music scene happening now but it comes and goes like many other places I'm sure. Sometimes there's more bands than others, or more venues than others. There are a lot of venues in our hometown now, which is pretty cool.

Samuel: Has it been good touring with Blue Meanies so far? How many dates have you done with them so far?

Dave: It's been nearly 2 weeks with those guys. Both of our respective bands haven't toured in a while so we're both getting back into the loop, into the swing of things. We both signed with majors, so we're all getting into the transitional thing.

Samuel: Yeah, with the whole MAJOR LABEL thing, has it been pretty positive experience having someone there to help push your music and work for you?

Dave: Yeah, this experience has been pretty good compared to what I've read and heard about from other bands. They let us produce our own album and everyone has been pretty cool with the college radio thing. We have some great people working behind us, and we've has some great people working with the band, so it hasn't been a nightmare or anything.

Samuel: Well, I see the show is over, so I will go ahead and close it down. Is there anything you would like to add?

Dave: The best movie in the world is Bachelor Party and Adrian Zemed is a God.

Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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