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A Conversation With Blind Marky Fleshtone
by Jay Debauchery

It was a little trouble getting this interview since the show was supposed to be at Instant Karma but got moved to Emo’s. If you missed it, sorry. The assholes at Karma didn’t bother telling anyone it was moved so the only way to find out was through word of mouth. So, what do you ask one of the best rock n roll bands around? I sat outside of Emo’s with Blind Marky Fletchtone. I’m not quite sure how accurate this interview is but it was alot of fun and should be entertaining nonetheless.

Jay Debauchery: So how long have have you guys been together?

Blind Marky Fleshtone: about five years.

J:What inspired you to start a band?

BMF:Poison Idea, the Dwarves, G.G. Allin and Antiseen

J:Why did Mark leave the band?(for those of you who don’t know, Mark was Zeke’s previous bassplayer).

BMF:Mark left because he wants to pursue a country-music career.We released a single called West Seattle Acid part about 6 months after we formed the band and then we did a single called Fight in the Storeroom and he left after that. He did a tour in Europe with some country band and he came back to one of our shows and asked us if he could be back in the band. Kurt was in the band and every time we would play a show we would get into three songs and then he would stop playing and start running around with bass in his hand and then throw it out into the audience and then he would jump out into the audience. So, that’s why we used to play only ten minute sets and when Mark asked to be back in the band I said, “Yeah,” and we kicked Kurt out of the band, got Mark back and now he’s done the same thing again. He wants to be a country musician.

J: How did you get your new bass player?

BMF: Oh, he’s been a friend of ours for years and he’s from Seattle and moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to play with Wretch Like Me but he knows all the Zeke songs.

J: That’s what I had heard.

BMF: Yeah and actually we auditioned Jason Freeman from High Karate and he wrote one of the songs that’s gonna be on the new album. Not Dirty Sanchez but the one that is coming out after that called Death Valley. Jason was doing ok and then the kid called and said, “I’m your new bass player.” I told him, “No, we already got somebody,” and then he told me he was taking the bus up anyway. So he asked us just to let him play one show with them and to tell you the truth, he played better and sounded better and plus he knew all the Zeke songs whereas Jason just knew the ones we told him to. So we decided to get him and it’s worked out really well.

J: I’ve also heard that Pinstriping the Dutchman’s Coffin(Zeke’s first album re-released by Wrecker Ball Records) was recalled.

BMF: Oh, yeah. That was just bullshit. I was drunk one night and we were hanging out and that guy was buying me drinks and he’s the cat that put out the West Seattle Acid Party 7” and he was saying, “You know I got some of the tapes of you guys that are demos and I’d like to release them.” I was thinking, “well that’s a possibility. let me listen to them first and see what’s on em.” I thought if some of it was unreleased then maybe he could do it as a single. So I hadn’t seen the guy in two years then we see this and we had to call him up and threaten him, “We’ll come up there and break your legs. We’ll fucking kill you.” So they recalled em now.

J: So did Donny’s drums get auctioned off successfully on Ebay? Did anyone buy those?

BMF: Yeah they did.

J: How much did they pay?

BMF: I dont know. Enough for him to get the kit he has now. The Peter Criss kit.

J: Are drugs always gonna have a place in the songs?

BMF: I wrote “Let’s Get Drugs” and at first it was really funny and then I started writing the lyrics and it became a true to life story of what can happen to you if you do drugs. You’ll wind up like me, which I dont think anyone wants to do. There is nothing really pertaining to drugs on the new album that is about to come out on Epitaph(note: he is not talking about Dirty Sanchez) its more like the first two albums. There are alot of songs about cars and death and horror movies.

J: Why were some of the songs on the new album dedicated to the bands they were? “Liar” was for the Murder City Devils and “Razorblade” was for the Dwarves.

BMF: We just toured with both those bands.

J: Oh so it’s kind of like a tribute to them?

BMF: The Murder City Devils are friends of ours from Seattle and we got to know each other pretty well on the road and they’re really great kids and they just got a taste of my bullshit and I wrote a song about how much of a liar I am and dedicated it to them. The song that I dedicated to the Dwarves, I felt like I was trying to write a Zeke/Dwarves song that would rival something off “Blood, Guts, and Pussy” and so I dedicated it to the Dwarves. Also, me and Blag are always giving each other shit.

J: So is the story about Fletcher from Pennywise threatening to quit if Epitaph didnt sign you guys true?

BMF: I think Fletcher and Bill Stevenson held Andy, the owner of Epitaph, out the window and threatened to drop him if they didn’t sign us.

J: So what happened with you guys and RiverFenix or Fenix, Tx? I heard that Donny and their drummer got into it.

BMF: Well, it’s pretty stupid to fuck with us because we wont back down from a fight even if we’ll get our ass kicked. So unless you want to get even mildly injured dont think about fucking with Zeke because we will fight. I felt bad about it, I wasnt a part of it and I try to discourage that type of behavior. But we heard that somebody’s girlfriend that was involved with it showed up in San Fransisco and that some of the guys from that band wanted to let us know that they weren’t upset.

J: Did you guys ever get in trouble for he KISS cover?

BMF: No. We got in more trouble about the Ted Nugent sample on the new album.

J: That was really fucking cool!

BMF: Yeah, Ted’s not really into drugs and stuff so he wasnt into having Zeke put his stuff on our album. I think Epitaph had to spend like 2 grand to keep his lawyers down.

J: But if it was about fucking alot of girls on the road Ted would have been cool with it.

BMF:Totally. Whatever, I love Ted Nugent but fuck him if he can’t take a joke.

In case you hadn’t heard, since this interview Epitaph has dropped Zeke. And to even give more of an update since this was done oh so long ago (The Hookers were still together when I did this thing!) they’ve officially split. Drummer Donny Paycheck and their bass player are into something new now. No word as of yet on what Marky and Sonny are up to. Check out www.zekeyou.com for the full statement.

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