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File Under: Grrrl Rock
rating: C-

1. Betty Blowtorch Anthem

2. Fish Taco

3. I Wanna Be Your Sucker

4. Shut Up & Fuck

5. Party 'Til Ya Puke

6. Get Off

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  • Betty Blowtorch
  • Betty Blowtorch
    Get Off (EP)

    Foil Records
    by Matt Peterson

    This is an all girl band, and that is something that usually at least interests me, but these gals may have more testosterone than me. The artwork is fun and well done, and fits the image of the band as far as I can tell what that image is.

    Track 1 doesn't have many words other than the name of the band. The vocals seem to have a direct Joan Jett influence, and at other times seem to have a Courtney Love feel. I'm sorry to admit it, but I think their vocalist doesn't pull it off as well as Ms. Courtney. There is also a pretty clear Ramones influence, but as with most other bands influenced by The Ramones, it just comes off bad.

    This was produced by Duff McKagan, and I'm assuming that means the same "Duff" we all know from Guns 'n Roses fame. For some other name dropping, their "Thanks" list was about 10 lines long, and featured a bunch of shitty bands I don't care to mention.

    Their songs are very generic and lack a tune or worthwhile melody. The lyrics seem to be pretty trite, and at times downright offensive. "I wanna be your sucker" is the name, and chorus of one of the tracks, and it is sung over and over and over again.

    In track 4, "Shut Up & Fuck" they declare, "I don't want conversation, I just want penis penetration." Is this meant to be ironic? I hope so, but I genuinely don't think that's the case, but maybe I'm just missing something. The lyrics were so ridiculous that I was inspired to listen to the CD TWICE just to see if I really heard what I thought I heard.

    The final track, track 6, seems to be about sexual abuse and child molestation, and the tone turns serious, but is this a little late, or out of context? Can you really turn that corner after your previous 5 songs?

    The music isn't terrible, it's produced well, and is even at points catchy, but it's pretty ridiculous. Though I will give track 5 credit for it's surprisingly tight hardcore punk feel. Not my cup of tea!

    Matt Peterson is a Contributing Writer. Contact him at mattp@rockzone.com.

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