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The Breeders
Title TK

by Jay Debauchery
June 8, 2001

File Under: Rock
rating: B-

1. Little Fury

2. London

3. Off You

4. The She

5. Too Alive

6. Son Of Three 

 7. Put on a Side

8. Full on Idle

9. Sinister Foxx

10. Forced to Drive

11. T and T

12. Huffer

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  • The Breeders
  • Every review I’ve read in major media publications has raved about this album, and they should, but what pisses me off is that the critics are searching for a new “Cannonball” to hail before it hit’s the radio. It’s not on here folks. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t definitely pick this up. Oh my god with all of the crap that is plaguing the “indie rock” scene these days it makes sense that one of its originators is still able to write great songs and outshine them all. Especially the ones that like to whine about unrequited middle school love with an acoustic guitar. Now this album may not be an easy pill to swallow for fans that were introduced to the band through Last Splash and either never heard of disliked Pod. Title TK is a lot more in that vein. It’s mellow and quiet but those qualities are what make it so enchanting. It is very easy to get lost in this album and that quality alone should confirm that the song writing skills of Kim Deal haven‘t dulled a bit. Speaking of the Deal sisters, Kelly was almost surely superfluous in the recording studio as she is on stage but her vocals work so well. I know a lot of people think that Kim could easily just do two tracks but it wouldn’t sound the same. I don’t know how to explain it but there is just something slightly different about Kelly’s voice which makes it mesh so well yet distinctively with her sisters’. I think the opener is the standout track on here since it sets the tone of the album very well is just a simple, great, pop songs. A cover of the Amps (Kim’s side project while the band was on hiatus) “Full on Idle” appears and it is what some of the critics have labeled the next sleeper hit from the band. I guess the question now must be answered: can the Breeders really make a comeback with this album? There is no definite answer to that. I don’t think that they need to and neither do most people who filled clubs over capacity on their last tour. However, I think the public is ready for some stripped down, simple no bullshit music (White Stripes?) and in this climate I think they‘ll make a quiet reappearance onto the radio. Well, if there‘s any justice in this world at least.

    Jay Debauchery is a staff writer. Contact him at jay@rockzone.com.

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