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Bruce Robison
Country Sunshine

by Samuel Barker
February 9, 2001

File Under: Folk/Country
rating: A

1. Can't Get There From Here

2. Bed Of Ashes

3. Blame It On Me

4. Devil May Care

5. Valentine

6. Friendless Marriage

7. What Would Willie Do

8. First Thing About Mary

9. Sixteen

10. Anyone But Me

11. Tonight

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  • Bruce Robison
  • From the cover to the actual music, Country Sunshine looks and sounds the part of an old relic from an era in country music long forgotten, but this is something very much new.

    Bruce Robison is a songwriter's songwriter. He writes smart songs with real life meanings. Don't expect mushy love sick filler that has ruled country radio for way to long, expect realistic narratives about the problems people face and how people cope with these problems.

    From the opening track 'You Can't Get There From Here,' you are faced with the problem of having you life not end up the way you wanted it to. 'Friendless Marriage' is a heart wrenching tale of a couple that lost their love long ago, but stick it out for their child. The sad irony is that they both feel the other doesn't care about them, while they both long for the love they once shared.

    The album also has some humor to it. Bruce's song, 'What Would Willie Do?' is a humorous biography about the red haired legend and his various mishaps over the years. The only thing that would make this track better would be a foreword by Willie Nelson himself.

    The album closes with the tale of growing up and keeping the feeling of wonderment, 'Tonight.' Originally recorded by brother Charlie Robison, Bruce adds the feeling only a person who wrote a song can supply. You feel his longing to keep from growing up. It's a long life, don't get old and give up just yet.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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