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File Under: Punk/Hardcore
rating: B+

1) Demanding Independance 

2) Born To Give 

3) Self Worth 

4) Poison In The Brain 

5) I'll Not Resist 

6) Crisis Of Man 

7) Once Again 

8) Like The Wind 

9) Power Within 

10) Transformation 

11) We Must Believe 

12) Twelve  

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  • Better Than A Thousand
    Value Driven

    by Alex Rud

    If you have been in the hardcore scene for more than 2 years, you may have heard of a guy name Ray Cappo. Ray is one of the greatest songwriters to hit the HC scene ever. Responsible for the now-defunct Youth Of Today, Ray brings you a new batch of that ol' hardcore, but with a new band and a more modern take on the sound.

    Better Than A Thousand's new CD "Value Driven" takes you back in time to 1980's when hardcore was in it's glory days. Combining the sounds of Gorilla Biscuits and Youth Of Today, this CD can't go wrong. The best part the album is it's not over-produced, which gives it that raw sound.

    The album begins with "Demanding Independence." The song is a great tune to start with. Very fast, energetic, and filled with dancing parts. "Poison In Your Brain" talks about taking prescription drugs and illegal drugs, and how it's poisoning your brain. It's good to know that Ray still has a head on his shoulders.

    "I'll Not Resist" is a great positive song. The backup vocals sound like a bunch of kids singing along, thus making you imagine that you are at a show throwing down with the band.

    "Once Again" is another great song. It's a bit more melodic than the rest of the songs on the album, and pretty catchy, but it's a good indication that hardcore doesn't have to sound the same in every song. Oh yeah, the break down/dancing parts in this song are great. I feel like busting out some roundhouse kicks as I write this.

    The album is a great investment and is a must for anyone who loves hardcore music. Even thought the band is in the dark now, I sure hope that they can come back and write some great music-a tour perhaps.

    Alex Rud is a Staff Writer. Contact him at misftskull@aol.com.

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