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File Under: Pop-Punk
rating: B+

1. Without You Here

2. Think Twice

3. At Least We're Dreaming

4. Still Here Waiting

5. Good Lives

6. Hey Montana

7. Bring The Night On

8. Friend Of Mine

9. Girlfriend

10. Not Gonna Be Alone Tonight

11. Hokis

12. Arch Drive Goodbye

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    It's All In Your Head

    RCA Records
    by Jason Cipriano

    If I remember correctly, the pop-punk cohorts of Eve 6 were paid to finish High School so that they could record their multi-platinum self-titled major label debut (following up their very independent Eleventeen) upon completion. That first album introduced most of American to this very young band through their number one single "Inside Out." A string of other singles ensued, as well as to obligatory sophomore album. Not particularly well received by the critics, "Hereís To The Night" became an anthem of graduating High School seniors as they drank and partied one last time before they departed for college. Fast forward to 2003 and the release of Itís All in Your Head is now on record store racks, and Eve 6 is back on the modern rock stations. Some people may ask "When will this band go away?," and other "Where have these guys been?," either way it is very obvious that these guys are good at what they do, or else they wouldnít be around for a third album. The only problem is the question of whether what they do is good. Three minute, extremely radio friendly, songs full of word play are Eve 6ís forte, and their fourth album does not find it far from what has made these boys famous.

    The tracks pack a little less punch than the last few albums, but substance still manages to remain. Each track is a bit catchier than the last, and after two or three spins of Itís All in Your Head you will be, not only tapping along with the beats, but singing along with Max Collins. The opening track, "Without You Here", for example, appears to draw itsí influence from the current "pop-punk" explosion (someone should be offended by that but Iím not exactly sure who). This track doesnít exactly set the pace for the album since they blow through this track at light speed when compared to some of the other tracks, like the acoustic "Hey Montana," and the heartbreaking "Girlfriend." Eve 6 even takes on such upsetting topics as rape, and suicide, on the super happy, yet supportive, ditty, "Friend of Mine." The album does have a good helping of very catchy soon to make their way to radio tracks like the faster "Still Here Waiting" and the sing along ready "Good Lives," (hell most of the tracks are sing along ready - itís more of a question of whether or not you can follow the stories lyrics tell).

    Eve 6 have grown up, and so have their fans, these tracks are a bit deeper and less uppity than their previous songs. Whether it is a true sign of maturity, or a cleaver marketing scheme to keep the fans interested, thatís purely subjective. However, Itís All In Your Head does step away from the teenage lyrics of years past. This is however the only place youíll find a good deal of change. The music, and final product all pretty much stead the course of Eve 6.

    Eve 6 have always been a guilty pleasure of mine, and Itís All in Your Head falls right in line with everything they have released in the past. If youíre hoping this band is going to try to stretch and cover some new ground, then youíre more than likely going to be a bit disappointed. True fans will however be content with this new release, in a "Iíve got a new pair of pants - but they are exactly like my favorite old pair kind of way". I highly recommend taking this (or any other Eve 6 album for that matter) for a very long late night drive, alone, where you can either sing along with out embarrassing yourself in front of your friends, or just sit back, listen, and let the true meaning of the lyrics seep deep into your brain, and heart. Itís good, it may not be take your clothes off and run around a hotel lobby naked good, but itís good.

    Jason Cipriano is the Senior Editor. Contact him at jasonc@rockzone.com.

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