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File Under: Rock
rating: A-

1. Set You Free

2. Dog Lover

3. Gone

4. Seedling

5. Duh Wayne

6. Pyramids 

7. Cockeyed

8. Hep Cat

9. Crutch

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  • Evolocity
  • Evolocity

    by Susan Salva

    Evolocity's Helicoil album is the unique pairing of evolution and velocity. The band considered modern hard rock has been compared to Tool, Primus, Kings X with a twist of Hip Hop and the Beatles. They utilize forthright poetic lyrics and an aggressive sound.

    "We are dark, edgy, funky, heavy, sexy, melodic, but not conventional, says lead singer Aaron Ingham. "Each of us is a product of our influences, but our influences and musical tastes differ so greatly, within ourselves and between each other, that no single is going to dominate," says Patrick Gillespie.

    Evolocity is about to not only or merely push, but to rip the envelope wide open. "We want to put our stamp on music history. When we're long gone we want people to know that we've been there. You can hear stokes of color from our influences but in the end…it's entirely new sound," says Shawn Baker.

    Based out of Phoenix, Arizona Evolocity is comprised of Aaron Ingham, on vocals and guitar, Shawn Baker, lead guitar, Ryan Anderson, bass, Patrick Gillespie, on drums and the jack of all trades Efrain Gonzalez, keyboard, sax, DJ on turntables, and guitar.

    "Set You Free" the first track has a very strong opening reminiscent of Godsmack or Sevendust and deals with the topic of people making excuses for their shortcomings. "It's like shut up and leave it to me. I'll get it done. It's in the vein of it you want something done right you better do it yourself," says Ingham.

    "Dog Lover," the second cut can be taken literally. "I do have three dogs and I like spending more time with them than with most people."

    "Gone," the third song and probably the most radio really tune on the disc is very poetic that deals with an ego trip gone wrong. "You figure out that you are not making that much of a mark in the world as you might think. If you don't leave a mark no one's going to remember you. Add a little bit of 9/11 in there with the theme that you can be so strong, but you can be wiped out in a minute. Try making your mark," says Ingham.

    "Duh Wayne," is a sexy sax oriented song. "That's our boy Efrain playing guitar, keyboards, DJ and sax. This is probably my favorite song," states Ingham on a phone interview. This tune has the unusual pairing of sax and rock. The lyrics tend to deal with a dysfunctional family.

    "Pyramids," reminds me of a Middle Eastern tune with crunchy guitar. "Yeah, that's what it reminded us of and so we called it Pyramids."

    Hepcat," is the merging of progressive jazz and rock. A sexy blend of jazz and rock with a haunting feel to it. "It doesn't really fit with the rest of the tunes on the CD, but I liked it a lot."

    "We're not trying to change the world. We just love what we do and hopefully someone takes notice and then a whole lot of people actually take notice especially of our lyrics," explains Ingham. "With this CD we hope somebody in the know that can either can make it or break it give us the chance."

    Evolocity would like to bring back good songwriting and musicianship. With Evolocity you're getting that and much more…you're getting a band that will hook you in and keep you for years to come. Evolocity has both the songwriting and musicianship to put them on the top of the heap.

    Susan Salva is a Staff Writer. Contact her at susan@rockzone.com.

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