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File Under: Rock
rating: B

1. You Walk Away

2. American Cliche

3. Where Do We Go From Here

4. Columbind

5. The Missing

6. The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way)

7. My Long Walk To Jail

8. So I Quit

9. God Damn Me

10. It Can Never Be The Same

11. World Today

12. The 4th 

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    The Amalgamut

    by Samuel Barker

    There something magical about Filter’s first album, Short Bus. It was two men working to make an album full of angry industrial influenced hard rock songs that sounded dirty and teemed over with attitude.

    Well, it has been quite a few years since this album came into being. Richard Patrick is no longer pissed off at Trent Reznor about whatever happened while he was a part of Nine Inch Nails. Patrick is no longer busting his ass as a touring musician to make ends meet, he has produced two solid albums as Filter and can now live a better life.

    So, rather than being like the pop punk band who has 1000 groupies at each show and whines about not getting any action, Patrick loses a lot of the straight ahead fury of his past records, but he does keep his cynicism and attitude.

    Also, the addition of other musicians into the mix makes for a new existence to be enjoyed by Filter and their fans. Normally handled as a solo project, Patrick allowed his touring band to be a part of the songwriting process, which definitely left its mark on this album.

    Named as a term to describe what an American really is, Amalgamut is a solid display by Patrick, who has grown as a songwriter. Gone are the rage fueled attacks of songs like Dose from Short Bus, in their places are well thought out lyrical questionings like American Cliché.

    Some of the songs sound a bit poppy and radio friendly, which was not something one would normally associate with Filter. Where Do We Go From Here sounds more like something that would be released by Staind that by Filter. However, most of the album is full of classic tunes to appease the long time fan, not just the teenie bopper looking for his/her fix of manufactured acoustic-based pop-metal.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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