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Division of Laura Lee
Das Not Compute

Hell Yeah!

All Ears, All Eyes, All The Time

Special Goodness
Land Air Sea

Premonistions of War
Left in Kowloon

Teresa Cole
Just a Matter of Time

Tattooed Soul
Get It

Gibbs Brothers
New Breed
File Under: Metal
rating: D-

1. Veritas

2. Negative Infinity

3. Down In Flames

4. Glasseating Smile

5. As The Last Light Drains (Valkyrie)

6. Dead In Her Eyes

7. April Witch

8. Resuscitate

9. Throwing Rocks At A Drowning Man

10. Doomsday Device

11. Tortured

12. Seize The Day

13. Daisy Cutter

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    As the Last Light Drains

    Victory Records
    by Mark Perro

    Malcolm X once said, when questioned by a white girl as to whether she could help out in the "fight", "NO." And, while this seems to be the spark to ignite the race war; the reason to go out, pick up a shotgun and eliminate every honky that is busy snorting his 401k plan in the back seat of his convertible while his plastic mistress massages his balls, it is actually philosophy. This applies not only to race relations, but also life relations. Basically, Malcolm X was not excluding whites because of some superiority complex, ala nazism, but because it was a movement that must be made by blacks and blacks alone. To accomplish what they were trying to accomplish with the help of the white folk would be self-defeating. The white folk can understand and sympathize, but cannot take part. Now, let us discuss the straightedge movement.

    Whatever it is you guys are trying to accomplish, not only do I not want to take part, but I don't understand it either. Myself being a straightedge warrior for 5 years, to the point of inking myself in the mouth with the porno X's, you would think I would understand this movement. The kicker is, that the only thing I understand is that XXXrs are angry people. Before I jumped on the wagon, or off the wagon, however the saying goes, I had a monumentally introspective period. Examining not only the people around me, but myself, I decided the only good that came out of my XXX was that: 1) I didn't have any friends and B) I was a miserable louch. So, I got drunk with my Dad on Pina Coladas and listened to Celine Dion until morning. However, I uncovered a secret: to the straightedge boys and girls across the globe, take this as a message and quite possibly the cause of the no friends and anger thing: THE WORLD HATES YOU. So now, the question comes: are we angry because the world hates us or does the world hate us because we are angry? Maybe it's that the world doesn't understand unlike the precious little white girl and Malcolm or maybe it's something else.

    "But, Mark what the hell are you talking about? Talk about Freya, this review makes no sense. What, do you write for Pitchfork or something?" Ok, here it is. The point, mathematically spelled out: Anger + XXX= good music. Track record: Judge, Youth of Today, Earth Crisis. Bang. There it is. I do have a point. Earth Crisis ruled. Earth Crisis ruled because they were pissed off, because they had something to say, because the world hated them, whatever it was, they had a passion and a sincerity in them that not only heightened the music they wrote but carried it with such an intensity and drive that made them a defining band in hardcore, and just issue-oriented music in general. Regardless of personal feelings towards the message, sticking to your guns and believing in something gets respect from me. (Not including screwdriver, because as the writer Bill Buford said, "The only thing that makes liberals act like conservatives in terms of tolerance is those damn nazis.") So, now, along comes Freya, featuring members of aforementioned revolutionaries, but without the point. Basically, Freya has no reason to exist.

    From the bio: "With Earth Crisis we offered some of the possible solutions to problems we saw happening around us. With FREYA it is something different. It is purely a way of venting intense emotions." To put it bluntly, the only emotions I feel are nausea, and that's a physical thing anyway. The point being; Freya seems to only exist to cash in. Gone is the ground breaking metal core of Destroy the Machines, and "in" is melodic, nu-metal, stacked with insincerity, cheese, and bullshit. Horrible vocals, forgettable guitar riffs, laughable melodies, you name its; here and it sucks. Now, this is pegged as a progression for the band. But, let me tell you a secret, I could not regress any further if I started wearing diapers. Perhaps this album will appeal to the Limp Bizkit and the Korn fans of the world, but that's not me. The redeeming qualities of Earth Crisis are gone. And Earth Crisis taken on a musical level was not much to shake a stick at. Freya is now the following math problem: Earth Crisis- message + horrible melodies- chug chug= suck. In closing, I need a firestorm to purify my stereo so all the remnants of this garbage are gone forever.

    Mark Perro is a Staff Writer. Contact him at markp@rockzone.com.

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