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Gibbs Brothers
New Breed
File Under: Rock
rating: A-

1. While You Can

2. No Difference to Me

3. Great Time

4. New Breed

5. Storm

6. Without You Blues

7. Townsmanship

8. Broke Musician

9. Too Bad To Change

10. Moon Man

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  • Gibbs Brothers
  • Gibbs Brothers
    New Breed

    by Susan Salva

    Move over Blues Brothers and make room for 19-year-old identical twin sensations Brandon and Brent Gibbs Brothers from Iowa. They are not to be confused by the brothers down under the "Brothers Gibb" (the BeeGee's). Instead, these Gibbs Brothers play their own brand of blues-rock that is a mix of Eric Clapton meets the Allman Brothers with a twist of youthful exuberance of Kenny Wayne Shepard and Johnny Lang. The Gibbs brothers are anticipating the release of their new CD New Breed.

    The Gibbs Brothers have proven their ability to not only write well crafted originals, but rather they are know for their level of energy, incredible musicianship and distinctive sound. Even though they are young their lyrics speak of universal truths. Brent croons the blues singing about lost love while pounding the skins and Brandon is relentless on the guitar bending those notes. Because they are twins they have an almost psychic quality to them and musically they are in sync with each other.

    "Me and Brandon are young and enthusiastic band that likes to rock and have a good time. When people come to our shows they see us play and we want them to kick back, relax, and get away from life a little bit. It's all about having fun. It's okay to be young and to be a musician and people are impressed by that," says Brent Gibbs, lead vocalist and drummer.

    "The type of music we play is easy to express yourself. Playing the blues guitar you can play a lot of spontaneous licks and never play the same lick twice and you don't want to. People appreciate that," says Brandon Gibbs. "Original blues is not that popular, but if you put some energy behind the music and put on a good show, make some hooks and play a rock song people like that cause it's kind of original."

    Previewing their professional promotional video The Next Generation of Rockin' Blues demonstrates them as skilled entertainers. The brothers have shared the bill with CCR, Peter Frampton, Jeff Healy, George Thorogood, and Poison along with many performances at various festivals and clubs. They are positioning themselves to be headliners.

    They chose to open their album with the track "While You Can," since it is a high energy rock n' roller. "Basically, the song is about being nineteen and having a good time doing what you want to do with your life and living in the moment. The party is over, but you're not done having fun," described Brent on a recent phone interview.

    The CD is kind of the truth of the Gibbs Brothers; they speak of universal truths of loves lost. "'Great Time' was when we sit down to play a song we like to base it off of real life type of people. "Great Time" is a song about when I broke up with my girlfriend. I wasn't angry, but I couldn't figure out a good way to look at things. Instead of being mad or being angry I thought to look at it from the point of view that you had a good time and a great time falling in love with that person," states Brent Gibbs.

    "Brent and I want to write music that is radio friendly and that people of all ages can relate to; not strict slow blues. We are huge fans of Poison and we think they are nice and really talented plus they put on a good show," says Brandon.

    Brent explained, ""Storm" is one of my personal favorite songs on the CD. We knew that we needed another song that was a rocker with a good hook that everyone could catch on to and sing along with. We were in Florida writing some songs and I read in a local paper about a recent storm so it stuck with me. I wanted to use or base the song around the storm. At the time I was trying to write about how I would approach a girl with some confidence…'building up enough nerves to flirt with this girl' Kinda as a storm was brewing. Then once the game is on, the game is on! And then we chant 'I'm rolling in and a storm's rolling with me!' That line speaks of total confidence."

    The twins have several testimonials about the band and one is from Rikki Rockett drummer of Poison: "The Gibbs Brothers breathe new life into a classic form of American Rock and Roll to a young, new enthusiastic audience" "Something like the Gibbs Brothers should have happened and guess what? It has!"

    Produced and engineered by the twins' uncle Mark Edwards who also plays the keyboards and backed up on bass by their own father Brian Gibbs the CD is a collaboration of the Gibbs Brothers entire family proving the family that plays together stays together? A new 19-year-old bass player named Mark DeJaynes is now playing with the twins.

    The Gibbs Brothers continue to captivate audiences of all ages. They compliment each other's styles and abilities with spontaneous feelings of the heart and bring to life on stage. The brothers have simple objectives to have fun playing the music they love by performing and delivering a concert that will electrify and entertain any audience to the fullest.

    Susan Salva is a Staff Writer. Contact her at susan@rockzone.com.

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