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File Under: Emo
rating: A-

1. Today Is Your Day

2. Better Off

3. Closer To Home

4. Super Cautious

5. RockNRoll

6. Return to Sender

7. Simple
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  • Limitpoint
  • Limitpoint
    We Call This Life

    by Susan Salva

    Limitpoint, the emo rock band's namesake originates from a long time ago when they were a different band, and two drummers back. The high-energy quartet was searching for a name when the unknowingly stumbled on "limitpoint" in the dictionary. The band says "Limitpoint" has taken on a whole new meaning. It has to do with the point of which all of life's meanings reach either a happy, sad, love, life, goals, hate, etc.

    The We Call This Life EP is a synthesis of both old school punk and today's killer emo. Mikey Sabs is their lead vocalist and guitarist on their sophomore effort with cousin Shaw on bass and vocals, Eric Von on drums, and lastly Dion is the other rhythm guitarist.

    This band is based out of South Pasadena and Long Beach, California. They have recently come off of a successful tour with Save Ferris; the "Californorpia" Ford Focus Tour spanning West Coast College circuit. Their EP has managed to garner airplay on many alternative radio stations across the nation including KROQ, WBCN, 99X, and KNDD.

    "Our style comes from what we know and what we like. It is kinda what is happening. No matter what we all listen to our songs come out of our relationships and experiences," says, Sabs. They admit that their influences stem from Dream Theater, Billy Joel, Green Day, Guns 'N' Roses and Bret Michaels of Poison. They also said they consider their sound to be "Powerhouse Pop Punk."

    "Today Is Your Day," is the high-energy opening track that explores the realm of an experience when Sabs was working at a restaurant and there girl that got him in trouble. She was pretty much harming him. He says, "The song is really blunt and that people misinterpret the meaning of the tune. They think it is really an upbeat tune, but it has a deeper darker meaning."

    "Better Off," again a fusion of old school rock and today's punk, i.e. Green Day, Jimmy Eats World, etc." "The song is exactly how I want to tell a girl I dig her, but I don't have the balls to do it. It means that you if you are telling somebody that you care about him or her and they belong with you," said Sabs.

    He goes on to explain, "For example, this girl was going out with an actor friend of mine who was a complete idiot. I was like please go out with me. I wrote her this song to win her over, but it never worked. Most of my songs are straight ahead about relationships. I like to say 'I Love You' a lot in my songs. I don't think that people should be afraid to express their emotions. It's strictly about somebody being an idiot."

    "Super Cautious" displays Sabs' great vocal range and cool harmonies. Sabs deals with relationships very openly. "We have a huge female fan base. I think that the songwriting comes naturally about because I'm a little too open about the lyrics. This song is about being away from everybody you know and being all by yourself and how it's just best to be that way. That's why I'm leaving to Italy by myself for awhile after the tour commences."

    "Return to Sender," has a gritty sound that would work well as the soundtrack for slam-dancing, and demonstrates again some of their straight ahead sounding melodies.

    Limitpoint has a refreshing emo sound that's not tired renditions of the same genre. They are very amicable and destined for great thing. If you're feeling down they will energize you and help you get to feeling in a better place even if it means spending time by yourself. Look for them in your town.

    Susan Salva is a Staff Writer. Contact her at susan@rockzone.com.

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