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File Under: Bluegrass/country
rating: A

1. Ode To A Butterfly

2. The Lighthouse's Tale

3. Out Of The Woods

4. In The House Of Tom Bombadil

5. Reason Why

6. When You Come Back Down

7. Sweet Afton

8. Cuckoo's Nest

9. The Hand Song

10. Robin and Marian

11. The Fox

12. Pastures New

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  • Nickel Creek
  • Nickel Creek

    by Rayanna Barker

    Let me just start by saying if you are going to buy one album this year make sure it is the self titled debut album from Nickel Creek. This 3 piece band has been playing together for nearly a decade and with this album they have proved that practice makes perfect. From the first note of the opening track "Ode to a Butterfly", I was completely hooked. The bluegrass tune written by singer/mandolin player Chris Thile is nothing short of a future staple in bluegrass music.

    The second track on the album is called "The Lighthouse's Tale", this by far is my favorite cut on the album, written in traditional story style this tale takes you through every emotion from a lighthouses point of view.

    The next cut, "Out Of the Woods" is a song of longing that Sara Watkins’ angelic voice brings to life like no one else could. Its a beautiful song with a comforting sound. There are many instrumentals on the album track 4 being one of those. It's called "In the House of Tom Bombadil"; it is also written by Chris Thile and is a magnificent display of this young bands talent. "Reason’s Why" and "When you come back down" are the next 2 tracks on the album, followed by "Sweet Afton" and the traditional bluegrass song "Cuckoo’s Nest".

    Which brings us to "The Hand Song", a song that guitarist, Sean Watkins co-wrote. It is another story song that takes you through a journey of a young boy; turn man, and the bible. Again Sara's voice brings so much to any song this being another great example.

    Track 10, "Robin and Marian", written also by Sean Watkins is an instrumental in which Sean proves Chris isn't the only amazing mandolin player in the band. With Chris on bouzouki, Sean takes over on mandolin for this bluegrass melody. The next song on the album is called, "The Fox", I love this song. It is a fun; upbeat song about a fox making its way to town and stealing a goose to bring home to its family for dinner. To really appreciate this song you have to hear it. It's bluegrass at its finest.

    The album closes with a song by Sean Watkins called "Pastures of New". This is a great way to end a great album. Flowing, relaxing melodies that bring this trip though Bluegrass Country to an end. Over the last couple weeks this album has become a permanent fixture in my cd player, I can't get enough. If you are a bluegrass fan or just a fan of music, you must pick this album up. Nickel Creek is an amazing band to listen to and even more amazing live. Do yourself a favor and get this album. You'll thank me for it.

    Rayanna Barker is a contributing writer. Contact her at rayanna@rockzone.com.

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