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Division of Laura Lee
Das Not Compute

Hell Yeah!

All Ears, All Eyes, All The Time

Special Goodness
Land Air Sea

Premonistions of War
Left in Kowloon

Teresa Cole
Just a Matter of Time

Tattooed Soul
Get It

Gibbs Brothers
New Breed
File Under: Punk
rating: A-

Disc One:

Rarities and compilation tracks

Disc Two:

Surfer 7"

Fuck The Kids 7"

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  • NOFX
  • NOFX
    45 or 46 songs that weren’t good enough to go on our other records.

    by Samuel Barker

    When you’re NOFX, you are left with very little to try. They started their lives as a SoCal thrash band, then they went the straight punk route to the newer pop punk route, only a cleaner strain of pop punk, not blink-182 commercial pop punk.

    So what do you do when are running low on ideas? Make an album encompassing everything you’ve ever done that never made its way onto a full-length record and give it a derogatory name like, I don’t know, 45 or 46 songs that weren’t good enough to go on our other records then you have something worth doing.

    For Johnny Punker, this album is enough to rust the studs on his leather jacket. For hours, days, month, even years, little Johnny has spent his time hunting down every 7” and compilation he could find with a NOFX song on it, so he could compile the supreme NOFX collection.

    However, that task has now been a journey in vain as NOFX has put all the rarities in a two-disc set. The bonus part of all this? Well, this will save you hundreds by not having to pay the hawks at eBay for some CD released only in Korea which contains the alternative version to the third track of the band’s eighth album.

    Now it is all here for you in once convenient package, which costs the same as a single CD. Think of that as a payback for being forced to pay $7 for a single song on The Decline.

    Disc one of this set contains all the rarities and compilation tracks that many have put on tapes and listened to again and again. While disc two is validation for all of us not punk enough to pay $100 for a decent turntable in order to listen to 13 minutes of 7” excitement. Noted, most girlfriends would love their boyfriends to give them 13 minutes of 7” excitement, but that doesn’t work for music fans.

    In the end, you are given exactly what any fan of a band could want, a composite sketch of everywhere that band has gone and some rare tracks you would have to drop a large amount of cash to find elsewhere. Noted, they did leave a track off of the CDs from the Fuck The Kids 7” and the Surfer 7” which will make Johnny Punker proud to have his records.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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