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Don't Label Us

by Alex Rud
July 6, 2001

File Under: Hardcore, Punk, Rock
rating: B+

1) Don't Label Us 

2) Zamboni Driving Maniac 

3) New Season 

4) Opinionated MotherFucker 

5) Hot Rod GTO 

6) Saturday Night 

7) Do What You Want 

8) Headhunting 

9) Pass The Puck 

10) Ya Ya Yo 

11) The Sweep 

12) Broken Bottle Rock & Roll 

13) Old Tyme Hockey 

14) Let's Drink 

15) H.O.C.K.E.Y 

16) Hall Of Fame 

17) Suck It Down   

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  • Two Man Advantage
  • 2 Man Advantage is an 8 man Hardcore/Punk/Rock band from Staten Island. What makes 2MA stand out from the pack is their hockey theme, which shows up on the album, as well as in their live shows. The only thing that they love almost as much as playing hockey is beer. Those 2 subjects appear in every 2MA song.

    2MA's second release, first on Go-Kart records, "Don't Label Us," hits the mark and knocks the wind out of you. The album is packed with 17 hard-hitting songs, which make you want to listen to the album over and over again.

    The opening tack "Don't Label Us" kicks off the record and raises the hairs on yer neck. The song is about how the band doesn't like to be labeled as anything; just enjoy the music and stop worrying about what they are. "New Season" is a more melodic track with hardcore overtones.The track showcases the 2 singers doing what they know how to do best, sing. Songs like: "Saturday Night," "Pass The Puck," "Ya Ya Yo," "Old Tyme Hockey," and "Broken Bottle Rock & Roll" are just some of the highlights on the album. The album is a really good investment. It's good from start to finish.

    Pick up the album and enjoy what 2MA has to offer. Check them out live to get the full experience. Their shows are never dull and I promise that you won't leave there dry. Go play some hockey and enjoy the tunes of 2 Man Advantage. Cheers homes!

    Alex Rud is a Staff Writer. Contact him at misftskull@aol.com.

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