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by Alex Rud
March 24, 2000

File Under: Punk
rating: B

1)Sooner or Later 

2)Sour Grapes 

3)One Big Guessing Game 

4)Best Friend 

5)SLow Down A Second 

6)Safety Net 

7)Change The Key 

8)4, 1, 4, 1.....done 

9)Massage From A Friend 

10)True Roots Show 

11)This World of Mine 

12)You See The Flaws 

13)I See You Found Another Trophy 

14)Good To Go 

15)Never Try 

16)Here We Go Again Kids 

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  • 7 Seconds
  • The California based hardcore/punk band 7 Seconds are back with a new album "Good To Go." It is very rare to see a hardcore band survive after all this time, they have joined the "15 year club" along with other greats like: Agnostic Front and Sick of It All.

    Their latest album "Good To Go" picks up from where they started, an agressive hardcore/punk band with catchy choruses and Kevin Seconds' trademark "oohs" and "ahhs" will have you hooked in no time. 7 Seconds are sure to please not only one type of fans, but a whole wide range of audience, from hardcore to pop-punk kids.

    The album has 16 songs and lasts a little under 27 minutes; which gives you an idea of how short and fast the songs on the album are. Most songs are played in the same fashion. No experementing will be found on this, or any 7 Seconds' albums. 7 Seconds just stick to their grassroots and the fans appreciate it a lot.

    7 Seconds songs are very positive. They sing about anti-violance "Change The Key," about women abuse "I See You Found Another Trophy," about people who talk shit on the internet "Safety Net" and other subjects that people deal with in real life. 7 Second recognise their hardcore roots in "Here We Go Again Kids" because they have been there and saw the scene grow up. "Its been a while, so much has happened. A family has grown, a chapter has been added, and here we are and its great to see. We're on another mission you and me." They also recognise the flaws in the scene and are voicing their oppinions to improve the scene for all of us. "We got through some bullshit and took care of business. We worked through some problems and stripped off the axcess fat. And here we are and were standing face to face; at the starting line of this new fucking race."

    7 Seconds is a great band and they will be coming out with good albums untill the day they say goodbye to us. If you get a chance to catch them live, please do so, it is a treat. Keep a lookout of the new live album coming out on SideOneDummy records. Peace!

    Alex Rud is Contributing Columnist. Contact him at misftskull@aol.com.

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