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Scream Real Loud...Live!

by Alex Rud
May 24, 2000

File Under: Punk/Hardcore
rating: B

1) Sooner Or Later 

2) Not Just Boys Fun  

3) This Is The Angry 

4) F.O.F.O.D 

5) Massage From A Friend 

6) Ghost 

7) Here's Your Warning 

8) Difinite Choice 

9) Slow Down A Second 

10) One Big Guessing Game 

11) Committed For Life 

12) If The Kids Are United* 

13) You Lose 

14) Young Til I Die 

15) Here We Go Again, Kids 

16) Satyagraha 

17) The Crew 

18) Remains To Be Seen 

19) Regress, No Way 

20) Red & Black 

21) Diehard 

22) 99 Red Balloons* 

23) In Your Face 


25) Never Try 

26) Walk Together, Rock Together 

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  • 7 Seconds
  • Sideonedummy Records
  • 7 Seconds is a hardcore/punk band from the LA area, they have been around for over 20 years now, and are still a driving force in the scene today. Having such memorable albums under their belts as: "The Crew," "Old School," "Walk Together, Rock Together," "Good To Go," as well as other fine albums, the band must be proud of themselves.

    The new album, out on SideOneDummy records, called "Scream Real Loud....Live!." The album features 26 great tracks from 20 years of the bands music.

    Now, everyone knows that a hardcore/punk show is hard to capture on a cd 100%, but I think 7 Seconds have done a good job with this one. The album Features such fan favorites as: "Not Just Boys Fun," "The Crew," "Young 'Till I Die," Sham 69's cover of "If The Kids Were United," and many more.

    One of the highlights on the album is when Kevin Seconds addressed the crowd during "Here We Go Again, Kids" saying, this is a hardcore show, we don't have to show how hard we are, this ain't no fuckin' Limp Bizkit show. After hearing it, I respect the band even more than ever. I love bands that have positive massages.

    7 Seconds are a great live band, so make sure you get this album, and make sure to check the band live, its always a treat.

    "Here we go kids, can you help us sing along, here we go, can you make it loud and strong"

    Alex Rud is Contributing Columnist. Contact him at misftskull@aol.com.

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