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Nothing New For Trash Like You

by Alex Rud
May 1, 2001

File Under: Punk/Ska
rating: C-

1) Just An Obstruction 

2) That Way 

3) In On Your Joke 

4) Bakunin 

5) Livin' In Miami 

6) When It Comes Down To You 

7) Nothing To Loose 

8) Haymarket Square 

9) Sacco & Vanzetti 

10) Alba 

11) Threat 

12) Hard As Fuck 

13) Centerfold 

14) Above The Law 

15) We Won't Submit 

16) Court 22 

17) Under Your Authority 

18) Ska Sux  

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  • Against All Authority
  • Against All Authority have been around for over 9 years now, and have put out quite a few releases. As you may, or may not know, AAA is a political/street punk band from Florida, but what makes them stand out from the pack is the fact that they use a horn section, giving their music an original sound.

    If you are as big of a fan than me, you would like to get your slimy hands on every single song that they have ever released. The new album "Nothing New For Trash Like You" helps you get all their rare songs. Before the CD came out you would go crazy trying to look for all of them 7", not to mention spending money on all those compilations.

    The album has 18 wonderful songs that you fell in love with over the years, such as: "Abla," "Above The Law," Threat," and that pesky Propogandhi cover "Ska Sux." Not only are all those classics on this great CD, but they are in better quality, making them more enjoyable to listen to, but that doesn't mean that they lost their punk edge.

    Inside the case is a copy of the letter, American Automobile Association sent to them, asking them to stop using their logo because of possible confusion, (I didn't know American Automobile Association had a record out) and to destroy every piece of merchandise that has AAA (in oval) on it. It was good for a laugh when I read it.

    So go out and get this record whether you are a long time fan or just starting out and looking for a release to start with.

    Check out some of the great causes the band stands for such as "The Tooth Fairy Project" it's an organization that is trying to link breast cancer to small amounts of radiation in your towns air and water supplies. If you want to help, send baby teeth to the organization (more info on the CD and on their website), and visit their website www.radiation.org for even more details, you could save thousands of lives.

    So enjoy the music, help the cause, it's a win/win situation

    Alex Rud is Contributing Columnist. Contact him at misftskull@aol.com.

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