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Four Letter Words

by Samuel Barker
July 20, 2001

File Under: Pop Punk
rating: C+

1. Is He Your Boyfriend?

2. Bankruptcy

3. Fortune's Fool

4. Question...

5. On And On

6. Fell On Deaf Ears

7. Ordinary

8. Sorry From Your Friend

9. Our Band

10. Cyber Sweetie

11. The Ides

12. Anymore

13. The Long Way

14. You Looked Away

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  • Kung Fu Records
  • Antifreeze isn't trying to make innovative new music, or are they trying to really blow anyone away with gimmics, they're simply trying to play some pop punk and put out quality records.

    This is evident on this release, Four Letter Words. It was produced by Kris Roe, of the famed Ataris, which gives you an idea as to Antifreeze sounds like.

    The album opens with "Is He Your Boyfriend?" which is a song about seeing a girl that you want to hook up with in the crowd while playing a gig, only to see her be with the singer from the other band. Bummer! It's themes such as these, love lost, playing shows, and everyday life that make their way into this album.

    The themes on this album are simple, which is a nice break from all the political punk and other such music that is constantly tearing at you. Sometimes it's nice to relax, listen to music like this, and realize that things can be kept simple.

    "Fell On Deaf Ears" is one of the best tracks on the album. It's got a sweet sound and the vocals blend well with the music. The production on this album is really well done, everything blends together well.

    "Sorry From Your Friend" lays down some of the hardest guitar riffs on the album. It's definitely got some metal influence behind the track. I was impressed with the music diversity on the album, it wasn't the same blueprint followed on each song.

    The hands down, funniest track on the album is "Our Band." It's a shameless plea for everyone to buy stuff and help out the band. It also pokes fun at MTV and the Backstreet Boys(because they have more singers than Antifreeze).

    This album is sure to get you in a good mood, and is definitely something to listen to when you get dumped, are frustrated about your band's situation, or most anything else. It's available from Kung Fu Records, which doesn't suck, so it can be bought most anywhere. Go spend your money on the record and help Antifreeze out, because they "hope you like our band!"

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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