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Gibbs Brothers
New Breed
One Wrench

by Samuel Barker
March 30, 2000

File Under: Hardcore, Punk, Rock
rating: B+

1. "fast one"

2. Taken

3. n30	

4. Leveled

5. "new song"

6. High Lonesome

7. Invisible

8. Union

9. Heron

10. Rest

11. "C.Days"

12. Bell

13. Leather

14. Old Dominion  

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  • Avail
  • One Wrench, the newest release from Richmond, VA band Avail is absolutely awesome. The album will be released on June 20th. This will be the first album for Avail since Erik left the band, and they don't miss a beat. From start to finish, this album is everything you could want it to be and more, I was in total awe when listening to this album. Tim's lyrics are so strong, Gwomper's bass playing is perfect as always, Joe's guitar is strong, Beau Beau is there with some good backup vocals, and the new drummer Ed Trask is awesome. This is a definite must buy for any hardcore or punk rock fan.

    This album begins with the track "fast one". It starts fast and furious. With some great lyrics. It's got a chaotic beginning, but soon gives way into the melodic vocals you are used to hearing from an Avail album. The album then cuts to "Taken" which is a brilliant song with some very melodic vocals. Tim's lyrics on this album are so strong and cutting. "n30" goes back into the hardcore side of Avail. It hits and the back up vocals cut while Tim's push the ideas into your mind. It's lyrically strong, and gives a detailed illustration of how union life is pushing away jobs "one by one by one by one". "New Song" has some awesome bass work, Gwomper just gets better by the album with his bass runs. "High Lonesome" is a sweet track, it's very melodic, features great guitar work by Joe Banks, and has an all around great sound. "Heron" is a standout track. It's got an awesome sound, nice noisy intro, and the lyrics are very insightful. The lyrics of an Avail album are always very intellegent and have a very community based feel. Tim focuses more on small towns and workers than huge world issues. It's nice to see someone looking out for the normal american. "C.Days" is hard as fuck ROCK! It's a great track. This album blends the more southern rock sound, the hardcore sound, and the more groove oriented track very well. It'got a wonderful sound that draws you in.

    I highly recommend sitting outside your local record store to be the first kid on the block to have this album. If you like Avail's other records, you'll love this one. The album rocks from track 1 to track 14, which is the best part, you get 14 tracks. The only thing better than hearing an Avail album is seeing them in person. They do a great job of blending many feelings and styles of music, but never give up their edge. You can hear the influence of an entire region in Avail. It's nice to hear bands stay to their roots rather than try to master the same old sound. Look for Avail in your town. They'll be on tour all summer, even hitting the road with Warped Tour for a while. Enjoy this album, I'm sure you will.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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