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by Samuel Barker
March 1, 2001

File Under: Dork Rock
rating: C

1. Couch

2. Wonderful

3. Sophia On The Stereo

4. Dr. Frank Was Right

5. Shine

6. Clover

7. Riverwest Creeps

8. Weather's Here, Wish You Were Beautiful

9. Gave It Away

10. Little Tin Heart.

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  • As sad as it is, there aren't many dork rock bands around nowadays. I know a lot of people are avoiding anything related with the word "dork" but it's a badge people should wear with pride. The king of dork rock bands is Weezer. A great deal of people know and love Weezer. These people and hopefully others will feel just as fond towards the Benjamins.

    The Benjamins come at you with a great sound, sometimes clean and crisp and other times distorted and driven. The sound blends work nicely throughout the album. The opening track, "Couch" is a perfect example. It's offers up a nice pop sound with excellent tone, then rocks out to give you a great feeling.

    As with most dork rock bands, the Benjamins' lyrics are mostly about lost love and the pursuit of happiness through finding a woman to hold them. "Dr. Frank Was Right" is the best ode to dork rock's founding father. For those who don't know, Dr. Frank is the lead singer/guitarist of The Mr. T Experience and one of the most love struck, heart broken men who ever walked earth. You can't help but love this song and the Benjamins' respect for their forefathers.

    The album is bright and fun most of the way through, but the inevitable drop period comes in the middle. This did get you out of sync with the album, but the final 4 songs get you back with no problem. "Gave It Away" comes with a great up beat sound, and some wonderful vocals. Lead Vocalist, Jay, has a great voice for this style music. All the pieces fall together for this band.

    The album ends with "Little Tin Heart" which is a great closing track, poppy and fast to make you want to restart the CD. Then you get the moments of silence and after a minute or so comes the secret song. This song is what a secret song is all about, it's upbeat, fast tempoed, and gets the blood flowing. A great goodbye.

    This album just hit stores, so I urge you to get out and give it a listen. It's a strong release and a great sign of things to come from dork rock bands and the Benjamins. Also, in no way take "dork rock" as a bad thing, I personally love dork rock and think all people should. Listen to this CD and get in on it while it's still cool.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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