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by Samuel Barker
October 6, 2000

File Under: Pop Punk
rating: B

1. Feeling Sorry

2. Lateshows Feed My Bore

3. Starship

4. Facts Of Life

5. I Need A Drink

6. Lost It

7. Stop Looking Back

8. Tears For Breakfast

9. Here I Am

10. Don't Know What To Say

11. Lies

12. Never Sleep

13. Crime Don't Pay

14. Thanx

15. Matchbox/I'm Not Like You

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  • Beyond 93
  • In an illustration of how kids everywhere have the same problems, likes, dislikes, and general feelings, Holland's Beyond 93 released their first album Stop Looking Back. The tones of the album are very much like that of a US pop punk band, but just like with US bands, Beyond 93 has a sound all it's own. They move from soft moments to hard hitters to groovy breakdowns with seemless transitions. Jake, the lead vocalist, has a very pleasant voice, and the music is very tight which helps the 2 compliment each other nicely. From the picture on the CD you will see that Beyond 93 is an energetic band and that energy can be felt on many of their tracks.

    The album begins with "Feeling Sorry" which is a very dark song lyrically. The song begins with a poppy intro, then goes into a softer area. The relaxed vocals on this track make the sound work perfectly. When the lyrics take a more bitter tone, the sound of the song follows. As with most of the songs, the solos are off the hook. The sound kicks it up a notch on "Starship". The song begins with a very 50's rock style lead then kicks into the full pop punk sound. The sound of this song gives you a good idea of the energy and fun this band could provide live.

    The album also has some harder moments. "Facts Of Life" has a very straightforward sound with a nice strong bass sound on the verse, and the power grows when the rest of the band kicks in. "Here I Am" has the same straightforward feel, and the vocals sometimes have a Dexter Holland-ish sound which makes you think of the Offspring. Don't get me wrong, comparing this band to the Offspring would be an injustice to the band, but at a few points the sound is similar.

    The band also has some nice breakdowns in their songs. As with "Stop Looking Back". The song starts with a nice little groove with some soft vocals. The sound is so sweet at this point. This is my favorite track on the album because the sound is perfect and the transitions are tight. The breakdown in this song is great. It's very upbeat and has a nice groove. "Lies" is another song that contains various sounds and transitions. This song begins with accoustic guitar, and then gives into the pop punk sound of the other tracks. The lead in this song is sweet.

    Beyond 93 does a great job of proving that no matter where you are in the world the same sounds and ideas move you. The album is available from Sony Music Holland and through the band's personal website. I highly recommend this album to anyone who likes pop punk or interesting music. The tempo changes and breakdowns of this album show a great deal of musicianship with this band. The precision with which they pull off some of the transitions on the album is impressive. This is a young band that has some good years ahead of them. Hopefully they'll make it to the states so everyone can see that we're all the same, even when we're thousands of miles apart.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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