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Black Flamingo

by Samuel Barker
May 16, 2001

File Under: Folk Rock, Pop, Punk
rating: B-

1. Imperfect Girl 

2. Rushing 

3. Everything I Do Is 4 You

4. On The H20

5. I Don't Wanna

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  • Black Flamingo
  • Black Flamingo has a great feel to her music. It's a nice blend of punk attitude, folk-rock, pop, and intellegence. Her songs are delightfully poppy yet have some serious themes. This EP is a great view into the influences Black Flamingo has had over her lifetime. This is a very enjoyable EP.

    The opening track, "Imperfect Girl" is a wonderful track. It's got a great folk-rock feel. You can feel the pop influences on Black Flamingo in this track. It's got a strong Go-Gos influence mixed with a Ani DiFranco-ish folk styling. The song is a humorous look at knowing very few people are perfect and just trying to be the most perfect imperfect person you can be.

    "Rushing" has an almost older western feel to it. The female vocals give you a Nancy Sinatra feel. This is a great testament to the vast musical tastes held by Black Flamingo. It's a short track, but the stripped down accoustic folk sound is a nice touch. The lyrics get redundant, but that's part of the song's theme. It's nice addition to the EP.

    "Everything I Do Is 4 You" is a wonderful track. The vocals are harmonized well and the mood of the song is great. This was my favorite track on the album. I enjoyed the songwriting and loved the sound.

    The final two tracks were lacking in mix quality. They were good, but I would have personally liked the music to be a little higher. But as with the other tracks, the lyrics to "On The H20" and "I Don't Wanna" were interesting and fun. The poor mix gave it a similarity to a female version of a song from Bruce Springsteen's "Nebraska."

    I hope this EP gets Black Flamingo a lot of positive exposure and a chance to record a full length. I loved the songs and the sound. The mix of sounds from bands like The Waitresses, The Go-Gos, and various folk artists made for wonderfully interesting music. I can't wait to hear of a full length for this artist, it's well deserved. Be sure to check out her websites!

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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