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by Alex Rud
July 30, 2001

File Under: Punk
rating: B-

1) Fuck the T.F.P.

2) Sweet Fury

3) Business School

4) Lost Youth

5) In Love With a Junkie

6) Verao De 68

7) Lost Cause

8) Steroid Addict

9) No Pistols Reunion

10) Two Week Hate

11) Capitalist Myth

12) Urban Paranoia

13) Conformismo E Resistencia

14) Rotten Generation  

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  • Blind Pigs
  • A while ago, I was browsing through a cheap section of my record store and I saw a CD that caught my eye. The band was Blind Pigs from Brazil. I never heard of the Blind Pigs before, but for only a dollar I decided to give them a try. When I popped this CD in my player, I was amazed by how good these guys are.

    The album "sao paulo chaos" starts with a song called "Fuck The T.F.P" The song delivers a very good kick-start for the album. It's fast and the guitar-work is pretty good.

    "Business School" is about not growing up and confirming to what everyone else wants you to become. There is a line in the song that always gets me "Don't wanna hear about number and statistics, I just wanna go home and listen to the Misfits."

    "Lost Youth" speaks about loosing your youth and growing up jaded. This is a more relaxed tune, but it still packs a punch. "In Love With A Junkie" is a song which is about just what the name states. The song is a nice little tune with nice back round singing. The song is not one of my favorites, but it is good for what it is.

    "Verao De 68" is a song about, actually I'm not even sure what. It's not in English which makes it hard for me to understand. I really like the music, it's really fast and short, the way punk was supposed to be played.

    "Steroid Addict" is about this guy who used to be smart and picked on at school. Now he is addicted to steroids and he is just another muscle bound idiot, but he can now kick yer ass.

    "No Pistols Reunion" is about the Sex Pistols and their reunion tour in 96. The tour was all about making money, and the Blind Pigs give them shit for it. I never really thought that the Sex Pistols were any good, so I agree with the band on this one.

    "Conformismo E Resistencia" is another non-English song on the album. The music is very good and shows the tightness of the band, but once again I find myself clueless as to what the song is all about.

    The album is a pretty good punk rock album. Some of the songs could have used a little work to them, but mostly it is a very well done album. I have never heard a punk band from Brazil before, but after listening to this album, I just might look for more bands from that area.

    To order this CD, visit your local store, but you will have more chances of getting it from Grita Records: www.grita.com. Go to the web-site; order the album; request the English translations, and sit back and enjoy the tunes of Blind Pigs.

    Alex Rud is a Staff Writer. Contact him at misftskull@aol.com.

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