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by Samuel Barker
March 21, 2000

File Under: Pop Punk
rating: C+

1. Dumpweed

2. Don't Leave Me

3. Aliens Exist

4. Going Away To College

5. What's My Age Again

6. Dysentary Gary

7. Adam's Song

8. All The Small Things

9. The Party Song

10. Mutt

11. Wendy Clear

12. Anthem

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  • Blink 182
  • When I orginally received this CD I wasn't too impressed with it, then I sat down with the lyrics sheet and payed close attention to the album. It's really a much stronger album then the previous ones lyrically. The songs have a bit more depth. I loved Dude Ranch but this album is slowly becoming better to me because it's more thoughtout, and has a good feel to it. The addition of a piano on "Adam's Song" was a bit much, but all in all, this was a damn good album.

    "Dumpweed" the opening song is a good starting track. It begins with the signature poppy lead of Blink 182's sound. The album stays true to the sound most of the time, but Mark Hoppus' vocals are a bit weaker. He's trying to sing more, and it takes a bit of the edge off the music. "Going Away To College" is a good song about growing up. It's always tough to go away and keep friends and girlfriends. It's a good tale of the uncertainty of moving on in life. The first single off the album, "What's My Age Again" is a fine track. I can relate to the feeling of never wanting to grow up, being an idiot, and having girls leave you because they want a "mature man". "Adam's Song" is a nice touch to the album, a slower, more commercial sound, but a nice break from the other sound. A little bit of vague lyrical meanings, which is a nice touch. "Mutt" is another sign of the band growing up lyrically. A really nice track. The best track on the album is "Anthem", it's a good story of growing up and trying to get out of your parents' shadow. "I Time Bomb" should be the quote of this generation, or any generation for that matter. For that's what the youth is.

    Despite cries of sell-out, this band has released a fine album keeping it's signature sound. This album illustrates their growth as people and musicians. The lyrics are smarter, and the sound is tighter. It's hard to keep something rolling with so many bands who receive commercial success changing so drastically, but Blink 182 is doing a good job of not following that trend.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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