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The Blue Meanies
The Post Wave

by Samuel Barker
October 27, 2000

File Under: Punk/Ska/Circus
rating: B-

1. Lay It Out

2. All The Same

3. Chemicals

4. Do The Tightbelt

5. Mama Getting High On Chardonnay

6. She Breathes Fire

7. TV Girl

8. Big Brother's Watching

9. Lose Your Mind

10. Employee 000765

11. Camaro Man

12. Creepy

13. When We Were Queens

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  • Blue Meanies
  • The trend of new sounds with every album continues with The Blue Meanies' newest release The Post Wave. There is a stronger pop element on this album which strays from the circus feel of Full Throttle, and the more ska oriented sounds of Kiss Your Ass Goodbye. I enjoyed this album a great deal because it explored a lot of different sounds and even led to the band collaborating with artists such as Jane Weidlin (Go-Gos) and Wayne Kramer(MC5). Another nice touch to the album is the way they add a section explaining the meanings of the songs right next to the lyrics. It helps everyone get the general ideas behind the songs.

    The album begins with "Lay It Out" which starts off with a very poppy intro, but soon gives way to some driving bass where Billy Spunke begins his tale of friends who can't shake addictions. The song has a lot of different sounds that come together with some really sweet transitions. "All The Same" is a great song about the idea of busing kids in from poor neighborhoods in order to help integrate schools. It's about the kids being apprehensive at first but in the end realizing they are all the same when it came down to it. The song itself is a great tune. It's got the classic Blue Meanies sound with the overlayed organ and nice guitar. "Do The Tightbelt" is a nice hectic song reminicent of the Full Throttle sound. This comes right over into "Mama Getting High On Chardonnay", which is a great song about suburban wives sitting around drinking while they are alone. "She Breathes Fire" is a poppier song written with Jane Weidlin who also appears for some backup vocals on the track. Her voice blends well with Spunke's on the chorus and adds to the sound well. "Employee 00765" is a nice hectic improvised song tht has a sound similar to "The Devil Came To The 9th Ward". "Camaro Man" is a straight rocker that has guitarist Sean Dolan putting down some great riffs. The album closes with "When We Were Queens", which is a song written after the band did a show in drag. It's a song for all the crossdressers out there.

    This was a strong release that I was greatly impressed with. It's a bit of a change from the old sounds, but still stays true to hectic nature of The Blue Meanies. The album is well produced, and you can get a good feel for the high talent level of the band when you listen to it. A great release I highly recommend picking up and giving a listen. I enjoyed it from start to finish and have faith you will to. It's hectic, well played, skilled, and fun for everyone. Be sure to catch on to The Post Wave.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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