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Bouncing Souls
Hopeless Romantic

by Samuel Barker
December 18, 1999

File Under: Pop Punk
rating: D+

1. Hopeless Romantic

2. '87

3. Kid

4. Fight To Live 

5. Bullying The Juke Box

6. You're So Rad

7. Night On Earth

8. Monday Morning Ant Brigade

9. Ole'


11. Wish Me Well

12. It's Not The Heat, It's The Humanity

13. The Whole Thing

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  • Bouncing Souls
  • The latest release from the Bouncing Souls, Hopeless Romantic, was a complete let down to be honest. There were a few shining moments, but for the most part, this album fell well short of expectations. It lacks imagination, and the usually brilliant lyrics of a Bouncing Souls album. The Bouncing Souls are one of the finest pop punk groups around, but this album lacks flavor, originality, and the signature sounds for the most part.

    The album starts on a very good note with the song "Hopeless Romantic". This is a signature Bouncing Souls song. Good vocals, good feel, it has the 80's pop feel you come to expect from the band. The next song "87" is a nice song about the bands history, and remembering where you came from. It asks the ever important question "Do you remember?" Another strong song. Then we go to "Kid" this song lacks flavor. It was also added on to the end of Tie It On as an afterthought, and that's where this song was best suited.

    "Fight To Live" is the best song on the album. It's got a nice sing-a-long feel just like "Here We Go" and has a nice guitar riff through most of it. All together good song. "Bullying The Jukebox" begins the decline. This song is listenable, but has no real charm.

    The rest of the album is nearly unlistenable. "You're So Rad" gets annoying with the constant chant of the title. "Monday Morning Ant Brigade" is a decent number. It's a good song to start the week with. "Ole'" is decent also, but once again lacks charm. The worst Bouncing Souls song ever is "Wish Me Well". This is a boring song, reminsent of the humorous Weird Al song "You Don't Love Me Anymore" but it comes nowhere close in the creativity department. The only good part of this song is that it means the album is almost over, and you can listen to the first 4 songs and turn it off from now on.

    I personally love the Bouncing Souls, but this album is a disappointment to every fan. Maniacal Laughter is one of the greatest pop punk albums ever, and after the wonderful self titled debut on Epitaph, the band seemed to be on the right track. Apparently someone switched the track, because this album missed the point. A fine band the Bouncing Souls are, but a bad album they have produced.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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