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After The Eulogy

by Samuel Barker
May 2, 2000

File Under: Hardcore/Metal
rating: A+

1. After The Eulogy

2. Rookie

3. Pariah Under Glass

4. When Rhetoric Dies

5. Still Waiting For The Punchline

6. The Abominations Of Those Virtuous

7. Our Time Honored Tradition Of Cannibalism

8. (Compassion) As Skull Fragments On The Wall

9. My Life In The Knife Trade

10. Across Five Years

11. Twelve Step Hammer Program

12. Unspoken Request

13. The Force Majeure

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  • The newest release from Boy Sets Fire "After The Eulogy" is a wonderful piece of work. What hit me as a sorta schitzophrenic band at first, with the quick change from an angered scream to a heartfelt, softly sung verse, turned out to be a talented band without fear of crossing into different regions of musical taste. The lyrics are in your face and hard to ignore throughout the entire album. You are left with the feeling of sitting through a political science lecture, but in that good way. In the way that you feel you have just found out information that will not only change you now, but help mold your train of thought later.

    The album opens with "After The Eulogy". This is a good track to start the album off with. By far the most angry track on the album, this song gets your blood flowing, and gets you ready for anything else to come. The lyrics do a great job of telling everyone that the movement for a better tomorrow is far from dead, and calls everyone listening to action. Especially when you begin to chant "Where's your anger?! Where's your fucking rage?!"

    The album then steps off into "Rookie" which has a vintage metal sound. An almost Iron Maiden-ish guitar sound at times. This song displays the tightness of the band's sound.

    "When Rhetoric Dies" is a mellow, heartfelt song. The lyrics fit well with the sound. It adds to you getting the deeper meaning from the track. The lyrics are a heartfelt plea for people to take action rather than just sit around and discuss problems. Like the song states "are we gonna sit and talk about it, or break their chains" This song would be done no justice screamed, by not being afraid to explore various styles, Boy Sets Fire is able to make it's point clearly and thoroughly

    "Our Time Honored Tradition Of Cannibalism" has a nice hardcore metal mix going on. It's one of the harder songs on the album, and gives that mid-album check to make sure you're still there. It also gives a call that we need to stop destroying ourselves, as the song says "Wake up and shut up, we've become our worst enemy!"

    "Twelve Step Hammer Program" is another metal-like number. It's got some nice usage of harmonics. The final track is "The Force Majeure" which is one of the best closing songs on an album ever. It comes at you hard at first, then sinks into an eeiry sound. A great closing track.

    This album contains most of the sounds you can find in the music world. From this album, you can hear the talent of this band on all fronts. I greatly enjoyed this album from start to finish. The track order was done well, so that you never got a chance to relax. I highly recommend this album to anyone into hardcore, or most anything to be honest. This album holds something for everyone. And even if you don't like the music, you may learn something, which is more than you can say about most albums today.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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