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by Samuel Barker
January 19, 2001

File Under: Triple Bass Music
rating: B

1. Shoat

2. #3

3. Old Ways New

4. Sleeve

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  • Burn Guitars
  • Looking for an album to make you paranoid and push you into a mental frenzy? Well, here is a great album for you. Burn Guitars, a triple bass band from New York, is pushing the limits of the bass guitar and trying to prove you donít necessarily need a guitarist when making an album or starting a band. They prove it with this release. The album could use some other instruments to give the sound more substance, but the triple bass attack gives this release strength like no other. Iíd compare it a minimalistic sound because itís driving and doesnít stray to far away from the main sound.

    The album opens with "Shoat" which begins with a nice rolling bass line, which is masked by the other basses. Itís impressive the way they layer the basses and mask each other. Vocals come in nicely. When the vocals come in itís got a very stripped down Blue Meanies type sound. That has a lot to do with the voice of Papabois. The sound is very menacing and gets you looking around for someone sneaking up on you. During the chorus, the sound gets very hectic and everyone joins in on backups to add to the chant feeling. Itís got a creepy edge, but is a great song. "#3" is just a hectic sounding as 'Shoat' but itís not near as menacing. The drums in this track standout very well and allow you to see the extent of talent that exists in this band. "Old Ways New" is a darker track. Itís not hectic at all, but it definitely gets the menacing sound back. The vocals do a great job of adding to the mood of the track. The final track of the CD is "Sleeve". Itís got an almost funk style sound at times and keeps true to the strength of the sound on this album. The masking bass lines are strong on this track and adds to the feel. This is probably my favorite track on the album. Itís a fun song.

    This album is available from the bandís website for $6. The band features the bass playing of Mephiskapheles bassist, Dr. Bitz, who is just one of the all star bassists from New York in this band. They are actively playing shows to spread the triple bass sound. Be sure to check them out and enjoy the music.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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