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by Samuel Barker
September 16, 2000

File Under: Punk Rock
rating: C+

1. My Dad Vs. P.M.

2. Spanish Fever

3. Thursday Night

4. Melissa Louise

5. Aromatherapy

6. Folks Are Gone

7. Moto Fox

8. Sweaty And Hairless

9. Going To The Peelers

10. Summer Please

11. Born In Toulouse

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  • As the sticker on the bass player's guitar says, "Fuckin' Eh!" Chixdiggit return with a new album that offers some damn fine punk rock music. This band sticks to the roots of punk with overdriven driving guitar, strong bass, and pounding drums. The songs have a poppy feel that leaves you feeling good. There are no cool effects on this album, just straight ahead rock. KJ Jansen's lyrics add a great humorous touch to the music. This is a fun album to listen to.

    The album opens with "My Dad vs. P.M.", this song is a nice establishing moment for the CD. It's straight ahead, no leads, just punk rock with cleaver lyrics. It's basically a tell of animal rights groups mistaking his dad for a scientist who tests on animals. It's a tale of death threats and people harrassing them until they realize they have the wrong man and disappear. "Thursday Night" is my personal anthem. It's about going out on Thursday instead of Saturday because it's better to go out on weeknights. And as the song says "the ones who know how to rock n' roll can make it through a day tired." Rock on! "Aromatherapy" is a tell of picking up a weird chick who's into psychics and aromatherapy. My favorite song on the album is "Moto Foxe", it's total metal. There is a nice lead, and KJ's vocals are awesome. It's definitely a must play live song. "Summer Please" is fun song with a nice intro lead. It's a love song about trying to relive a perfect summer with a girl. The final song "Born In Toulouse" is a slower song about a longtime crush on a female musician and failed attempts to finally meet her.

    This is a strong, fun album. Chixdiggit is definitely one of the better bands from Canada today. This album is available from Honest Don's Records which is distributed by Fat Wreck Chords. If you enjoy this band, it's a great pickup. Also, if you enjoy fine punk rock this is the album for you. A rocker from start to finish with clever lyrics, Chixdiggit has the winning formula.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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