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by Samuel Barker
June 4, 2001

File Under: Punk/Rock/Ska
rating: B

1. Over The Fence

2. Revolution

3. Out Of Control

4. Picture This

5. Internal Release

6. Autographs

7. Back To Zero

8. Choice Of Viewing

9. Lose The Instructions

10. Somewhere To Go

11. Shrink The Difference

12. Will Swap

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  • It's sad to say that I, being a huge Subhumans fan, had never heard Citizen Fish before I received this CD (due to some bad advice from my friends). After one listen I was totally hooked. Dick's vocals are as great as ever, Trotsky's drumming was as tight as forever, and Phil, being on guitar, showed me he was strong on any string instrument. Citizen Fish's bassist, Jasper, had a lot of strong bass lines that kept the music bouncing.

    The album opens with a couple of straight-up rock n' roll songs. They're perfect openers because they get the blood flowing. As with all Dick's songs, they have intellegent, useful lyrics. I love the fact that the songs on this album actually tell about something rather than spouting off love poems.

    "Revolution" says what everyone really feels, the ideals of revolution are totally out the door. The word "revolution" has become something fashionable for the news reporters to say. I enjoyed the lyrics sheet for this song, as with a few others, because there is an explanation of the inspiration for the song.

    The first song that ventures into the ska/punk area is "Out Of Control" which is a song about the mounting of cameras in public areas. As the song states, it's sad when we get used to being monitored. This is really one of the best songs on the album.

    Another standout track on the album is "Internal Release." Jasper's bass lines are sweet, and Phil puts forth some great rock riffs. Combine those with the intellegent lyrics and you are given a jewel of a song.

    The final track on the album is a fun, smart tale of getting what you need through the want ads. "Will Swap" starts with a nice western feeling riff, then goes into a funny little ska verse. It's really got some of the best guitar work on the album, and it's a great humorous closer to a really good album.

    This album is available from Honest Don's Records and your local record stores on June 12th. This is definitely an album worth checking out. It's even got a trailer from Citizen Fish's video, Gaffer Tape. Enjoy the CD, I know you will.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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