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by Waqar Jamil
April 19, 2001

File Under: Alternative/ Slow Rock/ Brit Pop
rating: B

1. Don't Panic Berryman 

2. Shiver

3. Spies

4. Sparks

5. Yellow

6. Trouble

7. Parachutes

8. High Speed

9. We Never Change

10. Everything's Not Lost

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  • Coldplay
  • Cold Play is a very talented band out of the UK, which puts forth a smooth and mellow sound similar to Travis or Radiohead. However, they don't hesitate to turn up their amps on a couple of tracks and definitely have a unique sound of their own. They are not as experimental as Radiohead has been recently, but their versatile lead singer can sound similar to Thom Yorke, and sometimes, vestiges of Dave Mathews can be heard. For the most part though, the band on their recent release, 'Parachutes,' sticks to a slow pseudo-jazz/rock style, that is hypnotic and mesmerizing.

    On the first track, called Don't Panic the band awakens with Chris Martin's soft spoken words, which initiates a fluttering rush of a beat. He then quickly explodes into an elegant siren -like aria, in which Martin reminds us that " we live in a beautiful world." All the while, this short song progresses with the accompaniment of an electrolytic guitar riff that is reminiscent of U2's The Edge, while the beat patters on. This is a quick, fantastic and energetic song. Track two, called Shiver has some great raspy guitar playing while Martin sings similar to Chris Cornell or Ian Thornley of Big Wreck.

    Perhaps the first great mellow song of the album is track 3, Spies. The singing reminds me of Phil Collins and Sting, while the song's lyrical theme reminds of the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley, and the video game Metal Gear Solid. Great James Bond music. I heard it was banned in China or something, they'll censor anything. Sparks-Track four, is a nice and slow almost conversational love song about dedication, commitment, and forgiveness. A truly wonderful tune.

    Yellow- Track five is probably the most catchy tune of the entire album. A beautifully composed love song with rhythmic and powerful lyrics. Trouble- is the sixth song on the album and it is a slow and serious song. I especially like the pervasive metaphor used in the song about a spider web. The piano playing on this track is very good, adding a somber effect to the song.

    The title track- Parachutes, is a 46 second long ditty with guitar. Not bad for 46 seconds.

    Track 8 is called High Speed- The dreamlike majestic soundscapes in this song remind me somewhat of Radiohead's 'OK Computer.' It is sort of a sci-fi slow jam about "living life inside a bubble."

    9- We Never Change. This is my favorite song on the entire album!!! This is a song about living life simply and naturally. Beautifully elegant, graceful and slow: about love and friends; this song is very soothing. Great therapy.

    10-Everything's not lost- a classy song that offers support. The singing style reminds me of Gavin Rossdale's voice. This one is a very enjoyable slow jam.

    Hidden Track- an appropriate encore for an album which totals 42 minutes, I'll let you decide on this one.

    Waqar Jamil is a Contributing Writer. Contact him at waqarajamil@yahoo.com.

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