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by Alex Rud
April 21, 2001

File Under: Punk
rating: B

1) Getting Smashed 

2) Enemy 

3) Too Much Confusion 

4) John L. Sullivan (bare knuckle fighter) 

5) No More 

6) The Time Has Come 

7) Hit The Streets 

8) Red, White, and Blue 

9) Bottoms Up 

10) March On 

11) Down With 'Em All 

12) When The Sun Comes Down 

13) Vision 

14) Turn It Up 

15) Punks' Not Dread 

16) Forgotten Soldiers 

17) Worth Waiting For 

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  • Radical Records
  • If you live in the east coast, and are a punk, but have never heard of The Cuffs, you have been living under a rock.

    The Cuffs have called it quits last summer after releasing a few demo tapes, a 7", and the bottoms up album. Some sources say that their breakup is not for good, that they are just taking time off. I sure hope so, because they are a great band, and it saddens me when a great band breaks up before their time.

    The band consists of 3 members: Mike; guitar and vocals, Cook; bass and vocals, and Jared; drums.

    Their debut album "Bottoms Up" was released on Radical Records. As you can tell by the album name, they like to knock down a few beers.

    The Cuffs music can be described as street punk with lots of ballad and sing-along type songs, that tend to be catchy at times, and no trace of politics in their massage. They definitely have a working-class massage in their songs.

    Songs about, life in general; whether, it is about drinking ("Getting Smashed," "Bottoms up,") fighting ("John L. Sullivan [bare knuckle fighter,] working to pay the rent ("Too much confusion,) personal struggle ("Enemy",) or just hanging with friends, and having good times ("Turn it up,") and more such topics that are from the heart

    Even though this band broke up for now, I hope that they come back and make more great music. Cheers to them!

    Alex Rud is Contributing Columnist. Contact him at misftskull@aol.com.

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