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Rode Hard And Put Away Wet

by Samuel Barker
March 1, 2001

File Under: Pop Punk
rating: C

1. Boxers Or Briefs

2. Big Sparkling New

3. Emo Boy

4. Dog On The Tucker Box

5. About A Girl That Don't Want Me

6. 65

7. Pocket Full Of Stars

8. Stroking My Cat

9. Rock Anthem

10. Alison's Starting To Happen

11. Three States Away

12. Warm Beds, Cold Winters

13. Waltz Of The Disappearing Girl

14. Tangled Up and Blew

15. Me And Kate

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  • Honest Don's
  • Despite having an overused sound, Diesel Boy produces a fun, intellegent album. Even though you may not believe it, it's harder to come up with comedy than it is drama. With this in mind you'll get the idea of the brilliance behind some of the humorous tracks on Diesel Boy's new album Rode Hard And Put Away Wet.

    Coming at you with that California pop punk sound, Diesel Boy breaks the trend by giving us humorous tales of girls lost and fanasizing about dream girls. The lyrics come from the same mold as some of Blink 182's early tracks, like when they were still just Blink. These however have a little more intellegence behind them.

    The album opens with "Boxers Or Briefs", this title have very little to do with the actual substance of the song, but is funny nonetheless. This song is basically a 30 second ditty that leads you through by telling what chords are going to be played and telling you when it's about to end. It's really hilarious to hear. The next song is "Big Sparkling New" which is my personal favorite track on the album. It's straight ahead pop punk with some great backing vocals. The music is tight, and Diesel Dave's vocals are dead on. A great song about being alone. "Dog On A Tuckerbox" has a sweet opening riff that comes totally hardm then refrains into an easier chorus area. Really nice song. The next song, "About A Girl That Don't Want Me", is a funny ballad-ish song in the beginning complete with piano. A truely witty song and title.

    The funniest track on the album is "Stroking My Cat". This is reminiscent of the Jay and Silent Bob commercial where Jay is ranting about how he'd fuck all the beautiful woman celebrities. It's just a list of what you'd like to have happen, but instead you just end up sitting at home alone "stroking your cat". "Me And Kate" is the final official song on the album. I totally enjoyed it. Great slower, drawn out song. The addition of the accoustic "secret track" was neat.

    This album will be available from Honest Don's Records on ..... It's definitely worth a listen, especially if you like intellegent humorous music with a touch of girl trouble. It's a familiar sound with an interesting touch. Be sure to give it a listen.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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