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by Meredith Goldberg
August 27, 2001

File Under: Ska/Punk
rating: D

1.Unleaded Plus- schmuck

2.Racketball- feedback

3.Muhamed Skali- crazier

4.Cousin Oliver- share

5.Lubby NuGget- clatsby's disco diner

6.T.I.P.- answering machine

7.The ANTIX- blameshift

8.Nipon- never fall

9.Face First- not me

10.Dirt Bike Annie- moo for cash

11.Hoppin' Mad- anthem for no tomorrow

12.The Embarrassing Wrecks- new crush

13.Ruth's Hat- I don't wanna hang around with a girl like you

14.The Iguanas- hey, hey, hey (come over tonight)

15.The Simpletones- knife girl

16.Slutmagnet- love song

17.Mothermania- killing time

18.Double Standard- hey girl

19.Humble beginnings- faith98

20.Marilyn's Vitamins- 100 bodies

21.Fudge Gun- humor me

22.Churl- the wonder queers

23.Tunnel- war

24.Superhighway Carfire- everything seen here

25.Dropnickel- commitment

26.5 Year Sentence- just a punk

27.Number One Common- rehab

28.Calm- serendipity

29.Neuro Dubel- trams 

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  • This compilation of "skunk, punk and hardcore bands" was not all that impressive. The bands on this CD definitely all need more development in their music, and then, hopefully they will be a lot better than they were on this CD.

    "Feedback" by Racketball, the second song on this CD was actually really enjoyable. They had a ska/punk sound & it was well organized & well executed.

    Cousin Oliver's song on this CD, "share" is a really great song with really great lyrics and music. With lyrics like, "she only loves me for my cash, I only love her for that ass", the song just couldn't be bad. They also had a very nice blend of ska & punk. This song is easily the best on the whole CD.

    The 10th song on this CD was, "Moo For Cash" by Dirt Bike Annie. This band has a pretty unique sound. I think that it would be very interesting to hear what their other material sounds like.

    The song "I Don't Wanna Hang Around With A Girl Like You" by Ruth's hat was just bad. If they didn't want to hang around with that girl, I don't see how making a bad song about it will help them out.

    Mothermania's song, "Killing Time" is in no way as good as the other songs that I have heard by them. Mothermania are cute, pop-punk. If that's what you like, then you would like them.

    The band Churl's song, "The Wonder Queers" is horrible.. It can't even consider it a real song. It was just that bad. I'm not quite sure what kind of sound they were trying to make, but to me, it sounded like they were trying to be hardcore and doing a terrible job at it.

    "Commitment" by Dropnickel was a good song. The vocals were great. Their song had a very good blend of hardcore and emo. Without those vocals, they would be nothing special.

    The last song on the CD, "Trams" by Neuro Dubel was very strange. It started off good, but then they started singing and I got a little confused. I do not know what language they were singing in, but it was pretty awful. Not to mention the quality of the vocals were not so great either.

    This compilation was certainly not one of the best I've ever heard. I know that most of these bands are just local, but there are many local bands that are way better than most of the ones on this CD. I honestly would say if you were tempted to buy it for one reason or another, don't. Go buy a Cousin Oliver CD or a Mothermania CD, because they really seemed to be the only really good bands on this whole CD.

    Meredith Goldberg is a Staff Writer. Contact her at contributors@rockzone.com.

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