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David Neil Cline
Malefic Influence

by Samuel Barker
November 17, 2000

File Under: Metal/Hard Rock
rating: A-

1. Malefic Influence

2. Governmental Brainwash

3. Crazy Dream

4. We Just Don't Care

5. Picking Up The Pieces

6. Suzy Homewrecker

7. I've Been Told

8. A Matter Of Time

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  • David Neil Cline
  • Sometimes it's sad that talented musicians who write great music aren't really picked up in their homes. David Neil Cline is one of those people who work to make their music work in the US but don't receive much recognition except in other countries. I for one was amazed at the quality of the music I heard when I popped this CD in. David Neil Cline is a talented musician who puts together some of the best hard rock/metal songs I've heard from an american artist.

    Playing almost every instrument by himself, David produces a great album with catchy songs and an edge that is razor sharp. He's already got a great following for his music in Europe, and deserves a great following in his home country. Granted metal isn't as big as it was in the late 80's, but it's experiencing a resurgence with such bands as Iron Maiden returning to tour again. It's sad to remember the time when Americans were starved for quality American metal bands, and now we aren't latching on to the talented musicians we have. One listen to this album will assure you the spirit of metal hasn't lost any of it's fire.

    The album begins with it's title track, "Malefic Influence". This album starts with a great riff. Cline's guitar work is supurb. The music is very tight and the vocals are dead on. The music is a great cross of Iron Maiden and a domestic band like Queensryche. The only factor which sets Cline apart from the british metal sound is his vocals. The album continues with the sinister sound of "Governmental Brainwash". The addition of the withdrawn vocals adds to the mood of this song. It's a great touch. "Crazy Dream" has a more US hard rock sound than the prior tracks. It's got some almost southern rock riffs in it. It's a great testament to Cline's musical abilities and his ability to explore different sounds from each track. "Picking Up The Pieces" has a great feel to it. It's a rock waltz if you will, the rhythm follows a very waltz-ish pattern and moves you. The album closes with "A Matter Of Time" which has a great late 80's US feel to it. Reminds me of some of WASP's guitar work.

    This is one of the best metal/hard rock albums I've heard in a while. It's right up there with the new Iron Maiden album when it comes to the feel and sound produced. David Neil Cline is very talented when it comes to song writing and producing a well played, brilliant album. It would be only fair that after his many years of playing that he is finally accepted with open arms from a US scene that truely needs a great talent to carry the torch of metal into the future. This album is available from David's personal website. I highly recommend buying and supporting a great independent artist who is working to keep his love alive.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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