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Gibbs Brothers
New Breed
Darwin's Waiting Room

by Samuel Barker
October 22, 2001

File Under: Rap/Hardcore/Rock
rating: A-

1. Feel So Stupid (Table 9)

2. Live For The Moment

3. Sometimes It Happens Like This

4. In To The Dark

5. Another Way

6. Spent

7. D.I.Y.M.

8. Realize

9. Innocence

10. Transparent

11. All I Have Is Me

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  • Darwin's Waiting Room
  • Darwin's Waiting Room has a fight ahead of them. They will be lumped into the mass produced garbage that is being know as "rap-metal," but this band has a lot more to offer. Being on the few bands to come with two vocalists who each add their own flavor, and an actual message to the lyrics. Don't expect the odes to oneself that you hear from bands like Limp Bizkit, this group comes with socially and emotionally aware lyrics that will hit close to home.

    The fear of abandonment oozes from the songs for most to that album, as does the struggle to live life on your terms. The songs hit close to anyone who has had an absent parent or lost someone special to them. Don't expect sappy songs of lost puppy love, these are bitter songs about the anger and fear felt when someone who you trusted and loved deeply abandon you.

    Another theme is that of making the youth of today better. The emcee, Grimm, talks a lot about the youth being the future and writes some hard hitting lyrics that call you to attention and make you believe in the crusade. Combine this with the painfully disturbed vocals of Jabe and you are given a unique blend of music that combines melodic rock with hardcore and rap.

    The band already has a single from the album out called "Feels So Stupid," which is the opening track on the CD. It's a good illustration of the hard hitting, fast-paced sound to expect from the rest of the album.

    Songs like "Spent" are bitter cries for someone to take notice to the forgotten son. The power of the words on this album are definitely something to take notice to. You will be hard pressed to find lyrics with half the thought in most music today.

    The musical tracks on this album are similar to that of Rage Against The Machine as in there are intricate runs and rock riffs rather than boring droning metal riffs.Darwin's Waiting Room is definitely a band to check out in the future, which, believe me, they have a future.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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