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The East Coast Of Oi!

by Catherine Galioto
September 28, 2000

File Under: Oi!
rating: A

1. the Wretched Ones "Welcome to the East Coast"

2. Steel Toe Solution "Bloodsucker"

3. The Outsiders "Veteran's Day"

4. Broken Heroes "Lesser of Two Evils"

5. Sniper "Bare Knuckles"

6. The Cuffs "Never Forget"

7. The 239 Scams "Remembrance"

8. Terminus City "Landlord Bastard"

9. Runnin' Amok! "Streets Tonight"

10. Squiggy "Welfare Case"

11. Disorderly Conduct "Childhood Memories"

12. The Brassknuckles "Traitors"

13. The Ducky Boys "We'll Find a Way"

14. Infiltrators "Vows of Secrecy"

15. Man's Ruin "Tattoos & Memories"

16. Heidnick Stew "Love Thy Neighbor"

17. Niblick Henbane "Hoodlum"

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  • You think that an album featuring east coast Oi! bands exclusively would show something insightful about the region's scene, or have several songs sounding the same, with the same feel. Nope, not on East Coast of Oi!, sorry. Instead you have an album that provides insight into many different east coast bands, and is filled with diversity.

    Great bands they are, all seventeen of them. They each revel in the guitar-driven, un-operatic vocals, and fast paced music they play. Instead the songs are more like anthems, especially the Cuffs "Never Forget." What can you expect besides many sing-along songs, from a genre that inserts "oi!'s" for the audience to shout as often as possible?

    This album clearly doesnt just touch on some of the more serious issues associated with Oi! (work ethic, patriotism, etc), it pounds the issues into the cement with its bare knuckles. Its essentially all about pride, not politics, as seen in Steel Toe Solution's "Bloodsucker," Terminus City's "Landlord Bastard," and Squiggy's "Welfare Case."

    Yet, the album makes its points about the less serious subjects too, such as on "Tattoos and Memories" by Man's Ruin, and "Welcome to the East Coast," where the Wretched Ones point out the east coast is "where we drink the most."

    Throughout this diverse compilation, the bands are unified not only in the principles they stand behind, but also by providing quality music. These are all some hard-working bands that play well.

    "East Coast of Oi!" is an album that can be appreciated for these facts, and has little flaws. It provides a great representation for the Oi! genre in general, and contains hard to find and unreleased songs. For example, the compilation is the only place to find recorded material for Steel Toe Solution.

    The compilation is clearly a find, filled with high-energy songs.

    Catherine Galioto is a contributing writer. Contact her at msmatildarockzone.com.

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