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Eyes Of Hate

by Alex Rud
July 30, 2001

File Under: Hardcore
rating: B-

1) Travesty Of Justice

2) Eyes Of Hate

3) Cancer's Growing

4) Intolerant

5) Call To The Masses

6) Bring It Down

7) Dead Wrong

8) In My Eyes*

9) Comments

10) Baby Machine

11) Sweet Home NYC

12) Question Authority

13) Point Of View

14) Contradiction

15) Life Is A Farce   

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  • Eyes Of Hate
  • Eyes Of Hate are a NY hardcore band. They have an olds school sound with a bit of a new school flavor added to keep things interesting. Some songs are very punk oriented, while others have a bit of a metal touch. They blend the 2 sounds together to create an awesome sound. They definitely give new life to the hardcore scene.

    The album begins with "Travesty of Justice." I normally don't like when hardcore bands deal with politics, but in this case I will have to make an exception. The song is a good opener, it's got a bit of a metal edge to it, but it still has that old school feel. The song is a really good preview of what the rest of the album would sound like.

    "Cancer's Growing" is a song that deals with social politics. It is about the flaws of our society. "Intolerant" goes out to all those stupid "tough guys" out there who think that beating up people is cool. "Bring it Down" is one of my favorite songs on the album. It's a good fast paced song with a lot of dancing parts in it.

    Any band that covers Minor Threat is good in my book. That's why I take my hat off to these guys for doing such a good cover of "In My Eyes." The song is definitely my favorite to hear live. "Baby Machine" is a funny song about a woman who can't seem to close her legs. The only thing that I don't like about the song is the lack of lyrics.

    My favorite song on the album has to by a take on Lenard Skynard's "Sweet Home Alabama." The band appropriately changed the name to "Sweet Home NYC." The song is a bittersweet song about life in NYC. "We love this fuckin town, but we hate it too."

    The album is a good investment for any hardcore music lover. I am already growing impatient for the next release.

    The band really shows us that hardcore today is not just about stupid growls and metal riffs, which are found in countless bands that are around today. Get this album and check them out live. They should be doing a few East Coast dates outside of NYC, so go check them. Request "Sweet Home NYC!"

    Alex Rud is a Staff Writer. Contact him at misftskull@aol.com.

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