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The Juan Sucks Dick For Coke EP

by Matt Peterson
June 2, 2001

File Under: Punk Rock
rating: C

1. Hangin' Out With The Boys

2. I Don't Care What You Say

3. Their Education

4. Telemarketers

5. I Can't Stand

6. Dope Fiend

7. Never Coming Back    

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  • The Eradicators
  • This demo EP from everyone's favorite New Rochelle punk band features fun, Ramones-style punk rock. It has surprisingly rocking guitar with great solos and catchy fills from Juan, catchy punk bass lines from Nabil, consistently strong drumming from Tom, and enthusiastic vocals from Colin. It is tight catchy punk music with a little pop in it. This music seems to be all about having fun and fucking shit up, and they seem to be passionate and determined to be heard.

    At times it suffers from the standard demo style production, which isn't amazing, but you know what you're getting into. The vocals could use some work, but again this can mostly be blamed on production. It is passionate, but at times it can be over the top, and it's message gets lost in itself (refer to Citizen Fish's song How to Write the Ultimate Protest Songs). It can also get caught in the world of generic punk song construction at times, but it isn't that offensively generic. The formula, after all, is very hard to stray from when you want to be in a punk band in high school. They have tasteful drumming, and finger pointing, screaming, cursing, at times indecipherable lyrics, which when taken by themselves can be dry and trite, but when taken for what they are, within the context of the band they make sense. The singer, you can tell, is at least into it, which is more then you can say for a lot of other high school punk bands. The best track is #5 "I Can't Stand." It is a good catchy, original punk song, reminiscent of early DK. The band is at it's tightest here, and it shows that it can stray from generic punk. The tape ends with a driving dramatic finale with a funny melody at the end. The tape is complete with characteristic teenage fuck you toilet humor and laughter to close out the music.

    The cover of the tape is cool for a demo. It is red with skull and bones, and the tape is recorded on a regular 90 minute TDK tape, with a handwritten identification sticker on it. These guys don't fuck around, as you can tell from the messed up printing on the inside cover. The liner notes have funny anecdotes, but not as funny as the name of this demo, "Juan Sucks Dick For Coke EP." That's fucking genius.

    To sum everything up, the vocals could have used a little work in production, for at times they sound far too screamy and grimy for their own good. The guitar was very good, clean and tight. The bass was also very good, giving the music it's upbeat fun punk feel, with an early rock and roll edge. The drums weren't in your face, which is a good thing for this kind of music where sometimes these snot nosed kids can be all show offy, drawing way too much attention to themselves. The band overall sounds tight, fun and energetic, and it seems like it would give a good live show. It is very teenage youthful angst filled punk music with a lot of humor. The tape may have been better and had a bigger impact if it was shorter, giving each song more attention, and narrowing down to the three or four best songs, but it is good nonetheless. I am bias, I must say because of local affinities.

    Matt Peterson is a Staff Writer. Contact him at MattP@rockzone.com.

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