Fabulous Disaster
Put Out Or Get Out

by Samuel Barker
March 1, 2001

File Under: Pop Punk
rating: B+

1. Down The Drain

2. Minimize My Faith

3. Gia

4. My Static

5. Red Blister

6. Spoiled

7. Magnet

8. Insane Today

9. Crush

10. Sneak Attack

11. No, No Way

12. Rich Bitches In Volvos 

13. April Fools

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  • Despite their initially tough appearances, Fabulous Disaster is a sweet sounding pop punk band that has one of the best sounds I've heard in a while. This all girl foursome doesn't fall into the old route of song about boys after song about boys. Think of Fabulous Disaster as everything The Donnas could be. Their songs are smarter and about everyday life, which does also includes songs about lost love, but what can you expect from a band that names the Descendents as an influence. They also name the Go-Gos as an influence, which is totally understandable. You can hear a lot of it in their music.

    Despite this being their first real album, Fabulous Disaster comes to the table with a loaded hand waiting for the first opportunity to show you exactly what they've got. From opening track "Down The Drain" to the thrashing secret song, Put Out Or Get Out is a damn good album that will make this band one of the more popular acts around.

    "Down The Drain" comes at you head on with a very agreeable pop punk sound and some wonderful harmonizing vocals. I was amazed through the whole album at the great harmonies and stong vocals on the album, Laura Litter has some strong vocal talents. "Down The Drain" is a great lost love song about tearing yourself down rather than coping with the loss. "Minimize My Faith" is one of the best songs on the album. The lyrics are hard and straight up, the vocal harmonies are dead on, and the music is a touch harder than the poppier opening track. The band has some great intro riff to their songs, and the best on is on "My Static". The choppy guitar riffs is a good indicator to go with the name. "Magnet" comes at you with a great strong dirgy sound. It's a bit slower and the chords ring a bit longer which adds to the mood of the song greatly. "Crush" is awesome. The opening guitar is awesome. It's so rock n' roll.

    The bass work of Mister Nancy is strong throughout, as are the guitar riffs from Lynda Mandolyn. Combined with Litter's vocals and Sally Gess' tight drumming, this album is a great one from start to finish.

    "No, No Way" is a great straight ahead punk rocker! It's a good pulse check for the later part of the album. The production on this album is impressive. A great job done by Fat Mike and Ryan Greene. "Rich Bitches In Volvos" is just hilarious. I can totally understand Litter's mindset while writing this song. I couldn't help but laugh at the humorous truths told throughout the song. The album closed with "April Fools" which gave way to an area of silence, then an in your face, rock your ass off song to close. This is one of the best secret songs ever. I was a great last kick in the ass before closing it down.

    This album will be out on March 6th. I must urge you to go out and buy this album. It's amazing. These women come to the plate and kick some serious ass. I was totally into this CD from start to finish. I was a great deal of fun and musically dead on. Great, great album. This album is from Pink And Black Records and you can buy it from the Fat Wreck Store and most CD outlets. Trust me, it's worth every penny you'll spend. These women can play with the best of them.

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