Face To Face

by Jason Edwards
September 16, 2000

File Under: Punk
rating: 4.7 out of 5

1. Disappointed

2. Out Of Focus

3. What's In A Name?

4. You Could've Had Everything

5. Hollow

6. Think For Yourself

7. Just Like You Said

8. Solitaire

9. Best Defense

10. Icons

11. Shame On Me

12. Estranged

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  • Face To Face
  • Face to Face was one of the first punk bands I was exposed to as a youngster. The way they blended their harmonizing and guitars is always such a great thing. Their 2000 release Reactionary does nothing more then prove that these guys have not lost a thing over the years. From the first bass lines of the first song Disappointed, you immediately know that this is Faces to Face. If you have either there self titled or Big choice albums, this brings you back to those tracks with a vengeance. Trevor Keith and company really know how to kick out the jams (I am from Detroit so I gotta throw in a mc5 tidbit).

    These twelve catchy sing along ditties, leave you wanting more and more. It almost seems like you are listening to one very long song, and I have gotten that impression from every Face to Face album I own. The backbeat provided Pete parada is a perfect compliment to the bass lines provided by Mr. Scott Shifflet. Every song seems like it is a trip down a road filled with hardships and triumphs as the rise and falls of harmonizing and fast/slow tempo changes. This is evident on track 4 "you could've had everything" and track 2 "out of focus. While tracks like the first one "Disappointed" and track 3 "whats in a name?, give you the idea that these fellas mean business and the business is good ole punk rock. The joint effort of Chad yaro and Mr. Keith on guitars keeps the songs going on a frenzied pace with nothing left behind. When you listen to face to face expect nothing less that fast powerful melodic punk. Its what they do and what they do is done very very well.

    This album released on Lady luck records instead of there former major label proves to be a kickback to their earlier days. As I said you immediately remember the great tracks these guys had on There self titled and Big choice. If you havent picked them up then you better and you should also pick up Reactionary. Its probably one of the best albums I have purchased lately, and I buy my fair share of cds.

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