Fear Factory

by John Rovnan
August 6, 2001

File Under: Metal/Hard Rock
rating: 4.1 out of 5

1. What Will Become? 

2. Damaged

3. Digimortal 

4. No One 

5. Linchpin 

6. Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies) 

7. Acres Of Skin 

8. Back The Fuck Up 

9. Byte Block 

10. Hurt Conveyor 

11. (Memory Imprints) Never End 

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  • Thereís a lot to be said for taking an idea and running with it, and Fear Factory has definitely done that in the past with their concept albums about futuristic society and machines vs. man and technology and morality. Their newest album, Digimortal is aboutÖfuturistic stuff and man and, you get the idea.

    Now donít get me wrong, I eat this stuff up but Iím just not sure how excited I can get about the same stuff again. That said, when you execute like they do, perhaps you get a little leeway. FF isnít breaking any new ground on this album, but they do what they do so well. AC/DC has pretty much been doing the same thing for 162 albums (maybe thatís a little exaggerationÖ) but thatís their thing and theyíre good at it. I imagine any of these songs could be mixed with songs from Obsolete or Demanufacture and wouldnít stand out too much.

    Raymond Cavalera continues to awe with the fastest and most accurate double bass work Iíve ever heard, and Dino Cazaresís riffs are equally impressive. Christian Olde Wolbers follows along ably and Burton C. Bell growls through most of the album with great conviction but itís his melodic side that provides the interest points along the way.

    The only difference between this and the last two albums is a better mix that doesnít leave you guitar-weary by the end of the album. A lot has been said about the length of the songs and maybe a more commercial approach, but thatís not the case. The songs are shorter because they are shorter; the content is just as heavy as any of their previous work. Overall Digimortal is a very solid effort that longtime FF fans will be very happy with. You canít fault someone for not changing a successful formula.

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