The Fightbacks
End Of An Era

by Samuel Barker
January 19, 2001

File Under: Punk Rock
rating: C-

1. What We Need

2. Another Song

3. Movin' On

4. Shaded Again

5. 5 Million Cigarettes For A Thousand Arguments

6. -18-

7. Crybaby II

8. Hardcore

9. Despiration = Dependence

10. Love/Hate

12. Hit The Road

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  • This album is a fun album to listen to. Itís very straight-ahead punk with a crust edge to it. The sound on this album reminds me of the punk numbers done by Operation Ivy. The vocals are raspy and the guitar tone is very similar. Donít expect another ska band here though, because there is no ska to be found. The Fightbacks are all about the punk rock. They stay true to the sound and with the addition of horns make some great music.

    The album opens with What We Need. This song is straight-ahead punk rock. The harsh vocals are dead on and you get warmed up for the remainder of the CD. Another Song is the first track to have the horns appear. There are only a few songs that the horns appear on. Which is nice, because too many bands would have over killed it. 5 Million Cigarettes For A Thousand Arguments is a lot harder than the previous tracks and gets the blood flowing. -18- is a fun song that leads directly into a weird little area of a kid talking about the band and saying various things. This is sort of the intermission of the album. The next song ďHardcoreĒ is exactly that, itís got a great old school hardcore sound. Despiration = dependence has a wonderful bass line and an overall fun sound. This band is definitely a younger band because they spend more time having fun with the music and enjoying it rather than cramming it full of ideas and personal politics. I love that about this album because itís a more easy going affair. The songs are about personal issues and similar things, but itís not JUST about that, the music is there to be fun. ďLove/HateĒ covers tracks 10 and 11. The ďLoveĒ part is mellow and has a very heartfelt sound, which is a great illustration of the title of the segment. When the ďHateĒ part kicks in itís very fast and hard. Itís a great little concept is of the album.

    I recommend this album to anyone who loves straight-ahead, no nonsense punk rock. Itís fast, hard, and has some of the elements of a great album. For a small release, this album has a strong sound. You can get this CD from the bandís homepage and their label(12mfa). I hope you take the time to give this album a listen, itíll be well worth your time.

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