Various Artists
Fighting Music

by Alex Rud
September 6, 2001

File Under: Hardcore, Punk, Rock
rating: D+

1) Converge-Thaw

2) No Warning-A Day In the Life

3) Striking Distance-Hated

4) Carry On- Killin A Sound

5) The Dedication-Of You

6) Dead Serious-Delaware Hall

7) Damage- Turn My Back

8) Stampin' Ground-Everybody Owes A Death

9) American Nightmare-There's A Back Hole

10) North Side Kings-North Side Kings

11) The Hope Conspiracy- Escapist

12) Boy Sets Fire-Rocket Man*

13) Pictures Of Gabriel-Salivating Mercury

14) Cops & Robbers- MArtyr Complex

15) Jesusueater- Your Airstream Future

16) Knuckledust- Exposed

17) Breaker Breaker- Forgot the Words

18) Breakdown- Bronx Bull

19) Hellchild-I (New Song)

20) Above the World-End Of Days

21) The Young & The Useless- It Hurt, But It's Over.   

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  • I was at Wetlands one day, and some guy was giving out a free comp, which is full of hardcore bands. I love getting free shit, so I snagged it from the guy. The compilation features a collection of bands from 3 different labels: Deathwish Inc. records, Bridge 9 records, and Thorp records.

    The comp begins with Converge doing their song "Thaw." I found this song to be "ear bleeding." Converge is a metal-core band, and from what I hear, they are not very talented. If all of their songs sound like this one, then I will stay the hell away from them.

    No Warning follows with their song "A Day In a Life." I was hooked on this song from the moment I heard it. Good, fast, hardcore; the way I like it; hold the metal. Striking Distance does their song "Hated." The song is ok, it's not too bad, but not the best I've heard. I will have to look into these guys more to see if I like them.

    Carry On- "Killing A Sound" is a great song. I like the guitars in the song. This is definitely a track that I will keep coming back to. The Dedication's song "Of You" would be an ok song, but the lead singer's voice gets annoying, really quick. It sounds like he is trying to scream, but it just isn't working for him. Damage picks things up with their song "Turn My Back." I really like Damage, and I'm glad that they are on this compilation. American Nightmare is the best band on the CD. The song "There Is a Black Hole" is just one of the songs that keeps me from using this album as target practice, or a nice chew-toy for my dog.

    The Boy Set Fire's cover of "Rocket Man" is rather interesting. BSF's song is the only poppy song found on the album. I'm not a big fan of theirs, but you can't pass by a cover of this classic.

    The Cops & Robbers' song "Martyr Complex" kind of reminds me of old Suicidal Tendencies. I like the song, and the fact that it reminds me of ST helps. I will have to check these guys out and see how the rest of their stuff sounds.

    This compilation has a few gems, but a lot of the bands really make this album sound horrible. I would buy it just because American Nightmare, Damage, No Warning, and a few other bands are on it. I'm glad that I got this for free, because it makes it easier listening to those crappy bands that make up most of the comp.

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