A Fistful Of Rock n' Roll
Volume 7

by Samuel Barker
July 11, 2001

File Under: rock n' roll
rating: B+

1. Donnas - "I Didnít Like You Anyway" 

2. Puffball - "Matt Walker" 

3. Launderettes - "I wanna jump your bones" 

4. Puny Human - "The Stink of Two Men"

5. Pushrods - "Bad luck charm" 

6. Adam West - "Have your way with me" 

7. Wonky Business - "Miserable Miracle" 

8. Hellside Stranglers - "Sin City High" 

9. Wonderfools - "Teenage Fartbomb" 

10. Cherry Valence - "99" 

11. Gels - "All I want" 

12. Loudmouths - "Fast Service" 

13. Blackouts - "California" 

14. Panadolls - "Pattersons Curse"

15. Shutups - "Liar" 

16. Retardos - "Burn in the fire" 

17. Les VipŤres - "Dynamite Twist"

18. Hellions - "Do What I Want"

19. Alabama Thunder Pussy - "Mosquito"

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  • For those of you who don't what A Fistful Of Rock n' Roll is all about, you are missing out on an ongoing series of albums that are ready to kick some ass.

    This series of albums is the brainchild of Electric Frankenstein guitarist, Sal Canzonieri. Sal being a legendary rocker in his own right decided it was time for people to stop listening to the watered down pop that passes itself off as rock today, and find the real deal.

    This album features some of the best rock n' roll bands you've never heard of, and a lot of ones you will recognize. A series of this magnitude deserves the attention of all rock fans around the world.

    Speaking of around the world, a lot of these bands are from outside the US, showing that everyone is starved for some real, honest rock.

    The album begins with The Donnas doing "I Didn't Like You Anyway." This song helps cement this band as a great up and coming rock band. They have found an arena in the punk community, but in the end, this band is pure rock.

    Another area of this CD that is refreshing is that there are quite a few quality female led acts. The Donnas, Launderettes, Loudmouths, and others. These women lay down the rock as hard as any band on the CD.

    The mood of this CD is hard to describe, but trust me, you'll want to let the hair down, jump around, and prepare to hear some great rock. The world has been waiting for something like this for too long. Thanks to Sal this series is a winner, and this volume goes to follow.

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